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Question 6 - we asked:

Cambridge Cycling Campaign is promoting a new route for pedestrians and cyclists called the 'Chisholm Trail', alongside the railway, joining up many journey destinations between Addenbrooke's to the south and the Science Park to the north. This would make many journeys much quicker. Do you support this in principle?

We asked this question in these 6 wards: Abbey, Cherry Hinton, Coleridge, East Chesterton, Queen Edith's, West Chesterton.

12 of the 26 candidates (46%) who were asked this question responded as below.

Andrew James BOWER
(Conservative Party)

Yes, in principle.

We will encourage the continued development of off-road cycle routes, particularly towpaths along waterways and former railways, to create safe, traffic-free cycling routes.

Donald Fisher DOUGLAS
(Conservative Party)

Yes - see above.

Christopher John HOWELL
(Conservative Party)

Yes - see posting on my blog http://cherryhintonroad.blogspot.com/2008/03/yorkshire-to-chisholm-trail.html

Steven James MASTIN
(Conservative Party)

Yes, most definitely.

Margaret Elizabeth WRIGHT
(Green Party)


Robert Paul DRYDEN
(Labour Party)

I would in principle, as segregated cycle routes are a lot safer to cycle on.

(Labour Party)

Yes, if it can be made to work and is safe.

(Labour Party)

Yes, segregated cycle routes are clearly desirable in general, and would be particularly appropriate for increased cycle access to the station.
It is not clear whether this should involve another cycle bridge in addition to the one at Tesco/Riverside which appears to be the current Chisholm proposal.
We would want to be very cautious in supporting replacement of unused rail trackway with cycle path, since we believe more use of rail is an even higher priority than promotion of cycle routes there are some pinch points on the route which would cause issues.

Jennifer Susan LIDDLE
(Liberal Democrat)


(Liberal Democrat)


Amanda Joan TAYLOR
(Liberal Democrat)

I think this is an excellent idea, and certainly support anything that enables non-car travel to and from Addenbrooke's.

(Liberal Democrat)

The conversion of (former) railway infrastructure into cycling and walking facilities is a great idea that has been successful elsewhere. The gradients necessary for trains are easy to cycle on. Perhaps the routes of other former lines like those via Burwell and Linton could be investigated to see if there is any potential to convert them into cycleways.

The only pitfall with cycleways alongside active railways is the heightened risk of trespass or antisocial behaviour, but good design procedures can minimise these.

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