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Question 13 - we asked:

The changes to King's Hedges Road as a result of the Arbury Park development have made cycling much more difficult in this area, with the result that few people now cycle there. Would you support works to remodel this area extensively to add new 'hybrid cycle lanes' (2.5m wide, on-road but with cobble separation) to make cycling there a more attractive option?

We asked this question in these 3 wards: Arbury, Histon & Impington, King's Hedges.

5 of the 14 candidates (36%) who were asked this question responded as below.

James Christopher YOUD
(Green Party)

King's Hedges road often seems like more of a motoway than an urban road and recent changes seemingly haven't address this.
The road must be made cycle friendly as it is a key route between new and proposed developements and large business areas. If there is not to be adequate cycle provision then congestion on this northern fringe could become like that of more cantral areas. Hence I support 'Hybrid cycle Lanes' and would also seek to ensure that speed limits are better enforced and that pesdestrians should also be taken into account.

Gerri BIRD
(Labour Party)

The hybrid cycle lanes look effective, and it is a shame they were not put in as Arbury Park was being developed. I am very conscious that changes will cost a lot of money, but I would support efforts to remodel this area to make cycling a safer and more attractive option. It is extremely important that the City and County Council come to an agreement about standards of provision for all road users, and ensure they are implemented in all new developments.

Rhodri Mark JAMES
(Liberal Democrat)

This sounds like a good idea, and King's Hedges Road certainly needs fixing. I know of a number of people who have stopped cycling to work as a result of these "improvements", which is not an acceptable state of affairs.

Vanessa Ann KELLY
(Liberal Democrat)

I campaigned vigorously against the mess that the County Council and developers made round Arbury Park, and played a central role in securing the concessions we did get on King's Hedges Rd - red-mac cycle lane, narrower or wider islands, where appropriate and reinstalling the on-road cycle lane on Histon (Cambridge) Rd. But, as we recognised at the time, all of these measures could be greatly improved upon with greater funding. Remodelling and hybrid lanes would undoubtedly improve safety and encourage use. In particular, the south side of King's Hedges Rd, and the northern end of Arbury Rd, need extensive work.

Neil Michael MCGOVERN
(Liberal Democrat)

I feel the changes to Kings Hedges Road are certainly a large issue that I would like to see addressed. The management of pinch points is a particular concern to myself, and I've had a few close calls by these myself. With the proposal of a cycle route from Arbury Park to riverside, I'd like to see how this can be further extended to cover more of the King's Hedges Ward. I'd like to set up a site meeting to ensure that all areas can benefit from this scheme.

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