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Question 10 - we asked:

Some cyclists have told us they feel unsafe riding over the A14 Histon junction, because of crossing the exit roads down onto the A14, and along Histon Rd, because of its narrowness. Do you support measures to improve safety for cyclists in these two areas?

We asked this question in these 3 wards: Arbury, Castle, King's Hedges.

7 of the 14 candidates (50%) who were asked this question responded as below.

Stephen Roger LAWRENCE
(Green Party)

I cycle this route only very occasionally, I remember most the need for more dropped kerbs to allow easier switching from on-road to off-road. See Q. 8 re funnelling of peds and cyclists thru traffic islands.

James Christopher YOUD
(Green Party)

I would press for safer routes accross the A14, and would only be satisfied with the highest possible provision. It may also be the case that a separate route needs to be implemented to ensure there is no conflict between traffic and cyclists.
This is becoming particually pertinent as the Arbury park is developement and the proposed boundary changes that would bring this into the city.


Yes. I would also list my areas of concern for Castle ward:

Madingley Road and particularly the junction with the North Cambridge site
Huntingdon Road and Girton village turn
Huntingdon Road (Oxford Road and Storey's Way) - the link between Oxford Road (cycle route) across the Huntingdon Road to Storey's Way (cycle route continues onwards to the University path linking to the North Cambridge site and onwards to the Coton footpath).

Gerri BIRD
(Labour Party)

I certainly support measures to improve safety for cyclists in these two areas and would encourage the County Council to work with an organisation such as yours whilst planning their new roads/junctions/lanes and curbs. As a wheelchair-user I am also very conscious of the lack of dropped curbs in other places round the ward, and will be campaigning for these.

Valerie HOLT
(Liberal Democrat)

I can imagine that this is true but I have never experienced a problem here. Generally though the lanes are badly marked.

Rhodri Mark JAMES
(Liberal Democrat)

To an extent. I certainly support improving the A14 Histon junction -- I'm not overly fond of using it myself -- but the problem with Histon Road itself is, as you observe, its narrowness. I'd have to be convinced that any safety solution for cyclists would not actually make matters worse before I'd support it.

Neil Michael MCGOVERN
(Liberal Democrat)

I haven't actually cycled over this particular junction, so I don't have any personal experience of the issue in hand. However, I'm happy to arrange a meeting with members to help represent their views with the County Council, and help where I can.

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