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Question 1 - we asked:

Cambridge suffers from a huge shortage of on-street public cycle parking, and a staggeringly high rate of cycle theft - over 10% of reported crime. We want to see a formal strategy to get on-street cycle parking provided all around Cambridge, with a target of say, 100-200 spaces per year initially. Do you support this?

We asked this question in these 2 wards: Market, Petersfield.

4 of the 8 candidates (50%) who were asked this question responded as below.

(Conservative Party)


(Labour Party)

Labour councillors have already secured small cycle parking provision in for example Ainsworth St., and sites are being pursuedin Gwydir St and Kingston St; and would welcome suggestions for others. However I have no idea whether the target you have suggested is appropriate for the city. Cambridge Labour councillors believe the Cambridge Cycling Campaign is a very successful lobbying organization, which already has a number of successes of which it can boast, and some of us are members of the Campaign. But we would not presume to know better what is good for cycling than the Campaign itself, and will rely on the Campaign continuing to come up with challenging proposals, but will also expect to retain some critical distance which will enable us to make judgments about what is proposed.

(Liberal Democrat)

I support the objective, subject to practical constraints - in particular space and finance.

Elizabeth PARKIN
(Liberal Democrat)

We recognise the need for more cycle parking and want to increase provision. In Petersfield, it is not easy to balance the needs of cyclists, pedestrians and car users but we know that more cycle parking is needed.

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