Obstructions on cycle routes in Cambridge

Examples of good practice

Park Street

Road Closure

Image of an obstruction, as described adjacent A neat row of bollards across the road. No chicanes, no gates to attract graffiti, no pinch stiles, no ugly signposts. What could be simpler?
Jesus Green

Entrance from Thompsons Lane

Image of an obstruction, as described adjacent This entrance to Jesus Green (in the rear of the photograph) has a nice wide gap located in a convenient position. Until this was installed in 2001 cyclists had to use the pinch stile to the left and ride on the pavament.

The bollards in the foreground were added later to prevent illegal parking. These are regrettable but necessary. The result remains a great improvement.

Coldham’s Common

Entrance from Coldham’s Lane opposite Cromwell Road

Image of an obstruction, as described adjacent This is one of several cattle grids which have been installed around the city to replace pinch stiles in locations where cattle graze.

Here, two cattle grids have been installed side by side, allowing oncoming cycles to pass and avoiding the congestion regularly seen in those locations where a single narrow cattle grid has been installed.