Cycling for all

Camcycle vision 2020In 2020, Camcycle’s 25th anniversary year, we’re campaigning for ‘Cycling for All’ as we share our vision for a thriving and sustainable region of healthy, happy people where everyone feels able to enjoy the benefits of cycling.

At our AGM on Saturday 18 January we published our annual review which includes more about this vision: a place where anyone can begin or continue to cycle, there is increased independence for children and those with reduced mobility, streets are safer and more pleasant places to be, communities are strengthened and local businesses thrive.

There are many ways we work and campaign to achieve this goal, but in 2019/20 much of our focus has been on the local authorities who oversee investment and decision-making for cycling in our area. These three key processes will shape the future of cycling in Greater Cambridge:

1) The Greater Cambridge Partnership (GCP) is responsible for many current and future transport projects in the local area, funded by investment from the UK government’s City Deal scheme. We monitor their progress closely, responding to all consultations and raising questions at public meetings. The GCP’s Citizens’ Assembly in autumn 2019 called for bold, brave action from decision-makers with over 90% of members in favour of roadspace reallocation measures to make room for cycling, walking and public transport. We’ll continue to press for transformative change from the GCP, as well as campaigning on individual projects within its remit such as the Greenways and Adams Road.

We call on the Greater Cambridge Partnership (GCP) to commit to investment in:

  • Continuing the network: building on their work so far to deliver Greenways that connect up villages, cross-city cycle routes that link up the city and a primary network that improves journeys along major routes such as Chesterton Road, East Road and Newmarket Road.
  • Tackling dangerous junctions to improve safety at blackspots including the Barnwell Road roundabout, the Lensfield Road double-roundabout, Cherry Hinton Road roundabout on the ring road and Queen’s Road roundabout at Madingley Road.
  • Enabling better journeys – implementing demand-management ideas such as a congestion or pollution charge with an aim to use the revenue generated to enable cycling for more people and provide high-quality public transport.

2) The Greater Cambridge Local Plan will shape how our area changes over the period to 2040, and possibly beyond. It’s a legal document that sets out the future land use and planning policies for the area, identifying the need for new homes and jobs and detailing the services and infrastructure needed to support them. It also guides where growth should happen. We encouraged Camcycle members and supporters to respond to the consultation in early 2020 and submitted a detailed response ourselves.

3) The Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Combined Authority Local Transport Plan was adopted in January 2020. We responded to the public consultation in 2019 and remain concerned about the lack of concrete recommendations for walking and cycling infrastructure and the emphasis on car use through additional highway capacity. In 2020, we plan to enhance our collaborations with other local campaign groups so that we can work together for more, better and safer cycling in the Greater Cambridge area and beyond.


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