Your opportunity to influence the future of cycling with the Greater Cambridge Local Plan


The Greater Cambridge Local Plan consultation closes on 24 February and we urge our members to respond and share their views.

You can now download our Guide to the Greater Cambridge Local Plan consultation to help you with your answers.

Read Camcycle's response to the Greater Cambridge Local Plan consultation.

The Local Plan is important because it will set the policies that will shape Cambridge over the period to 2040 and influence how homes, jobs and infrastructure are planned. The consultation is covering four ‘big themes’:

  • Climate Change
  • Biodiversity and green spaces
  • Wellbeing and social inclusion
  • Great places

Cycling has a positive impact on all four of these themes. The Local Plan will set out the policies that will guide the decisions that councillors and council officers make about planning in the future. Getting good policies about cycling into the Local Plan is one of the best ways for us to ensure that cycling gets the priority it needs in the future development of the Cambridge region. It is vital that our members respond and make the case for cycling.

The consultation is confusing so we recommend the following approach to respond:

1. Read ‘The first conversation‘ (pdf) document which explains the context and process for the Local Plan, explores the big themes that will influence how homes, jobs and infrastructure are planned and describes options for the future of Greater Cambridge.

2. Respond to the consultation. There are three ways to do this however any response to the consultation, in any format will be accepted. (Our guide can help you with your answers)

Complete the online survey:
– You will need to register and then select ‘Greater Cambridge Local Plan Issues & Options 2020
– Fill in the questions you want to answer. Scroll to the bottom to move to the next chapter. (Note that you will receive an automated confirmation email for each section you complete.)


Email the form:
– Download our version of the response form, to which we have added all of the consultation questions. Greater Cambridge Local Plan Consultation Response Form
– Answer the questions you wish to answer, delete those you do not wish to answer. We have kept all the questions on the list so that you can include other suggestions that may not be related to cycling. The instructions state that you must send a separate form for every question you answer. You do not need to do this.
– Email your form to


Respond to the questions dispersed throughout the Local Plan website:
The questions can be found throughout the website alongside the relevant content.

Our volunteers have put together a guide to answering the Local Plan consultation with key points for the questions that are relevant to cycling. Download our Guide to the Greater Cambridge Local Plan consultation.

If you would like more help to answer the questions or would like to share your thoughts with us you can join our conversation on Cyclescape 4859.