Consultation response guide: Eastern Access

A range of different local authorities want to hear your views on transport in Cambridgeshire this month. We know that many Camcycle members and supporters appreciate our help in guiding their responses, so this is the first in a series of posts looking at the surveys you are invited to fill in. This blogpost gives a summary of all the current consultations, including the deadlines for responding.

Name of consultation: Cambridge Eastern Access – Newmarket Road improvements

(sFrom: The Greater Cambridge Partnership
Time to complete:
5-10 minutes (plus time to read the associated documents)
Format: Online survey (with options to call 01223 699906 or email your response to
Deadline: Midday, Wednesday 22 December

Cover of GCP Eastern Access consultation brochureThe ‘Eastern Access Better Public Transport and Active Travel’ project is one of the schemes the Greater Cambridge Partnership is working on to improve transport and reduce congestion in and around Cambridge. The first phase of the scheme is focusing on proposals for Newmarket Road – reallocating roadspace to bus and cycleways, improving the dangerous junctions at Elizabeth Way and Barnwell Road and relocating the existing Park & Ride.

Guide to completing the survey

Questions 1 and 2:
These relate to your personal travel journeys

Question 3: Newmarket Road improvements
All three options (N1, N2 and N3) include protected cycleways along Newmarket Road which we would strongly support.

Question 4: Elizabeth Way roundabout
Two diagrams of options for the Elizabeth Way roundabout on Newmarket Road

Two options are offered here: E1 is a roundabout with some improvement over the current situation and E2 is a CYCLOPS-style traffic signal junction design, similar to the one recently installed at Histon Road. The roundabout option appears to be far worse in terms of space and delay for people cycling and walking.

We recommend that you strongly support option E2 and oppose option E1.

Question 5: Barnwell Road roundabout
Two diagrams showing options for the Barnwell roundabout on Newmarket Road

The options given for this roundabout are similar to those proposed for the Elizabeth Way junction.

We recommend that you strongly support option B2 and oppose option B1.

Question 6: Relocation of Newmarket Road Park & Ride
We have no strong preference for any of these locations. However, Camcycle shares Smarter Cambridge Transport’s view that Park & Rides further embed car dependency and should be abandoned in favour of improved bus services and better-located sustainable travel hubs serving actual communities. Therefore, you may wish to oppose all three.

Question 7: Additional comments

 All cycle infrastructure must be designed and built in line with Local Transport Note (LTN) 1/20, the government’s standards for inclusive cycle infrastructure design.

Any relocation of the Park & Ride must protect and improve existing routes including National Cycle Network route 51.

Question 8: We have a duty to ensure that our work promotes equality and does not discriminate or disproportionately affect or impact people or groups with protected characteristics under the Equality Act 2010, such as younger or older people or those with disabilities. Please comment if you feel any of the proposals would either positively or negatively affect or impact on any such person/s or group/s. 

Providing high-quality cycling infrastructure allows people of all ages and abilities to ride, opening up access to employment opportunities, education and social activities as well as improving physical and mental health. Children are enabled to travel independently from their parents from a younger age, leading to improved skills and emotional resilience. Older people are able to travel independently for longer as they age, reducing loneliness and isolation. Reducing congestion and traffic on the roads will address the divides these transport corridors introduce into the community and improve air quality for all those who live, work and travel in the area. Many people who use mobility aids, including mobility scooters, can also benefit from protected infrastructure and disabled people who have no option but to drive can benefit from less congested and more reliable journeys.

The final section is Personal Information. The GCP says these questions are not mandatory but answering them will help understanding of how the plans may affect different groups/people.

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The consultation closes at midday on Wednesday 22 December.