Small schemes set to make a big difference to walking and cycling in Cambridgeshire

Cambridgeshire County Council is considering a range of changes to roads in order to encourage active travel across the area. There are nearly twenty small schemes being considered across the county. These changes appear to be part of the Department for Transport’s active travel programme and therefore will only be funded if they represent meaningful reallocation of road-space in order to prioritise active travel, in accordance with the government guidelines on cycle infrastructure design, Local Transport Note (LTN) 1/20. Last year, we called for many of the changes proposed as part of our Spaces to Breathe campaign.

Young person on Arbury Road holding a poster calling for a clean and safe street
Arbury Road is one of the locations where changes are proposed to improve walking and cycling.

Overall, we are glad to see that progress is finally being made with the active travel programme. Some of the schemes appear to be bold and would benefit many people. Others have taken some small steps but don’t really go as far as they should. A few of the schemes are very poor and don’t meet the government’s stated objectives.

We are currently reviewing all of the schemes to provide our thoughts on what has been proposed, and we hope that you will also take the time to look at them and fill out the consultation survey.

Share your views at The consultation closes on Tuesday 24 August.

Note: this consultation is not to be confused with the separate Greater Cambridge Partnership ‘Cycling Plus’ consultation on the region’s active travel network that is also running at the same time, or the extended consultation on the county council’s Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan.