Mark Searle from Outspoken Cycles introduces the new Try Before You Buy e-cargo bike scheme

Many families and businesses could use e-cargo bikes as a means to reduce their carbon emissions and beat the congestion on their everyday journeys and the UK government is keen to support their uptake. Last year, Cambridge was one of 18 English local authorities which secured funding from the £2 million e-Cargo Bike Grant Fund. Outspoken Cycles was appointed by Cambridgeshire County Council to deliver a Try Before You Buy e-cargo bike scheme in Cambridge and the surrounding area. The scheme offers a range of different bikes and trikes to trial at minimal cost.

At Camcycle’s July meeting, Mark Searle, General Manager at Outspoken, explained how the scheme works and Susan Rooke from Cambridge County Council joined him to answer questions from Camcycle’s members and supporters.

The meeting also included a round-up of the latest cycling and campaigning news from our Communications and Community Officer Anna Williams.

It was originally held on our Facebook channel and is also available to view on YouTube.

The next Camcycle meeting will be held online on Tuesday 3 August, when we’ll be joined by author Hannah Ross. She’ll be speaking about her book, Revolutions: How Women Changed the World on Two Wheels.


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