Growing cycling at the University of Cambridge with Mike Davies

The University of Cambridge is over 800 years old with over 20,000 students at 31 colleges and 12,500 staff spread over 372 different buildings. There is already a high level of cycling to work, but the potential is there for many more journeys by active, public and shared transport to ensure the university meets the sustainability targets laid out in its most recent transport strategy.

At Camcycle’s June meeting, Mike Davies, Transport Manager at the university, talks through the different projects underway to boost levels of cycling and remove barriers to sustainable travel choices. Cycle parking is being reviewed across all sites, there are pool bikes, cycle to work and loan schemes and free cycle lockers at Park & Ride sites. Regular surveys reveal the barriers to sustainable transport and there are lots of opportunities for engagement with staff, including specialist travel advisors to help people plan their journeys. Improvements to infrastructure are also planned across the university’s estate and the organisation regularly contributes to the discussion on wider measures to improve transport across the city and beyond.

The meeting includes a question and answer session and a short round-up of the latest Camcycle news and campaigning issues from our Executive Director Roxanne De Beaux.

It was originally held on our Facebook channel and is also available to view on YouTube.

The next Camcycle meeting will be held online on Tuesday 6 July, when we’ll be joined by Mark Searle from Outspoken Cycles who’ll be talking to us about the new try-before-you-buy cargo bike scheme for businesses and families in the city.


Links to more information

University of Cambridge Sustainability: Travel and Transport

The hub for all transport information for students and staff at the University of Cambridge, including the 2019-2024 transport strategy, useful site travel guides and details of upcoming Dr Bike sessions.


Let’s talk transport

The university’s current campaign to better understand the barriers Cambridge staff and students face when accessing sustainable transport options.


Eddington neighbourhood

Information about Eddington, built by the University of Cambridge as a sustainable community. It includes homes for 1,500 university and college staff and their families and accommodation for 2,000 postgraduate students. Over 60% of pupils at the University of Cambridge Primary School in Eddington travel by sustainable modes.


Election update: what next?

Camcycle is working on the top things we’d like to see from the newly elected decision-makers in our region. Find out more about what each local authority does on transport in our post-election blogpost and read what your councillors said about cycling in our 2021 election survey.


Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan consultation

If you’d like to see a joined-up network of quality cycling and walking routes across Cambridgeshire, please have your say on the county council’s Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan (LCWIP). The plan highlights priority routes for cycling in each district using census data to identify where funding could have the greatest effect in terms of where people live and work. You can also add extra recommendations for routes and changes in your area using the interactive map.


Other useful links

Consultations and meetings that will influence cycling issues in and around Cambridge

GCP Joint Assembly on 10 June
New vision for the Cambridge Biomedical Campus
Proposals for Cambridge Science Park North


New cycle theft campaign ‘Save Our Cycles’

Camcycle has joined with Cambridge City Council, Cambridgeshire Police and other local organisations to call on everyone who loves their cycle to ‘lock it and log it’ to keep their property safe.


Bike Is Best campaign

The latest video from the Bike Is Best campaign shows why cycling is ‘the best tool for the job’ for short journeys.


Camcycle events

Find out more information on upcoming Camcycle meetings and social events.