Camcycle Coronavirus update

At Camcycle, we take our responsibility to staff, volunteers and the local community very seriously, so we have reviewed our working practices this week in light of the developing Coronavirus pandemic.

The Camcycle office is officially closed until further notice and anyone who needs access will need to seek permission and make arrangements first. Our staff team will be working from home and most work will be able to continue at this stage. The trustees and staff have also prepared plans for further disruption as a result of illness or further isolation strategies like closing of schools.

All Camcycle events and meetings in March and April are now cancelled. We are working on plans for an online version of our April monthly meeting and will provide more information about this soon.

We have prepared mitigation plans for events in May and June and we are closely following advice to inform our decisions about these events. We will keep our members informed as more decisions are made. We should be prepared for the potential cancellation of the Reach Ride and our 25th anniversary celebrations. We are also reducing expenditure and commitments for any events and activities later in 2020 until we have clear advice that things are returning to normal. However, we are continuing to plan the Cambridge Festival of Cycling.

We ask our volunteers to cancel any meetings where they are representing Camcycle until further notice. You must have permission from trustees if you are planning to attend any meetings or public events on our behalf. (You can seek advice via our Executive Director).

We are also preparing back up plans for the summer edition of our magazine which is due to be distributed in late May. If it isn’t possible to distribute the print version, we will do our utmost to have the digital version distributed on time and will have print copies available later on.

This is a confusing time where the UK situation and advice are rapidly changing. We are keeping up-to-date and being as flexible as possible to adapt to the changes. We expect a reduction in some areas of work as things like consultations will inevitably slow down and events are cancelled; however, this will provide an opportunity for us to move on with much-needed projects like our cycling policies and website upgrade.

If you’re stuck at home and looking for something to do, we have plenty of online volunteering opportunities like helping us update our website content and we’d be delighted to share the load to provide some entertainment. Please email us if you would like to get involved.

You can also read our policies and guidance in response to Coronavirus:

Coronavirus events and meetings mitigation plans – 13 March 2020

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