Cambridge South station consultation: speak up for cycling

Consultation closes 2 March

Read our official response to the Network Rail Cambridge South Station consultation.

Network Rail has begun a consultation on locations for a new Cambridge South station and we encourage everyone to respond to make it clear that the new station must provide:

  • excellent cycling and walking access with separate cycleways and footpaths
  • accessible and secure cycle parking
  • strong traffic management to minimise car traffic

The new station is expected to open in 2025. Three location options, northern, central and southern, have been proposed.

Whichever location is selected, we would require very strong and convenient cycling accessibility to the station. Failure to do so would give us cause to object at the planning application stage.

We believe that Option 1: Northern location provides the best opportunity for cycling and walking access to the station from both sides of the line. Cycle parking could then be installed on a deck over the platforms.

The station development must also ensure improvements to the Cambridgeshire Guided Busway bridge to include a cycleway separate from a dedicated footway. This is extremely important should there be any accessway between the bridge and the station, because the station will generate high footfall that is completely inappropriate for any shared-use pathway.

Should there not be a connection between the station and the Guided Busway bridge, then we call for additional cycling and walking access to link to the northwest, possibly aligned alongside the railway and connecting with the pathway alongside the Guided Busway.

The new station must have secure, accessible, abundant and convenient cycle parking included from the start. Lessons must be learned from the problems with the cycle parking facilities at the other Cambridge stations. Two-tier cycle parking cannot be used for all of the cycle parking. There must be a suitable number of oversize stands for adapted and cargo cycles. There must be a significant proportion of accessible “sheffield” type stands with the feet embedded in the concrete. Any double deck racks must have all joints welded. Exposed bolts must be avoided. There must also be security and maintenance plans to ensure the safety and security of the cycle parking is maintained.

Respond to the consultation now on the Network Rail consultation website.