Better business by bike: which scheme would you choose?

Cambridge City Council is considering options for a new e-cargo bike loan scheme and is seeking the views of local businesses who would be interested in trialling or using cargo bikes in the future. In addition to reducing carbon emissions and improving air quality, cargo bikes enable businesses to make considerable savings in time and money for urban deliveries.

Calverley’s Brewery, a local business using cargo bikes for deliveries.

Many Cambridge businesses have already been converted to the benefits of cycling, with several joining us at our Cargo Carnival event last year. James Thorne of Thorne Wines said: ‘We didn’t initially plan to use a cargo bike for the business, but deliveries were taking up too much business time and there was also the cost of fuel and insurance. In Cambridge, with the way the traffic has become, it was an absolute no-brainer. We can now get to the other side of town within 15 minutes; I don’t think you can do that in a car and I certainly couldn’t do that in a truck beforehand.’

Russell Calne from Cambridge Environmental Services has also been impressed with his company’s new wheels. He said: ‘Our cargo bike has allowed us to reduce our carbon footprint and save money, while still running an efficient and flexible business. We love being part of Cambridge’s cycling community.’

The city council are consulting on three option for the e-cargo bike loan project:

  • a ‘try before you buy’ scheme with e-cargo bike tryouts and short-term leases of around a week
  • a lease scheme offering the option of short-, medium- or long-term loans
  • a scheme of shared e-cargo bikes which allows businesses to book out bikes by the day at a lower cost

To help decide on the right scheme for the city’s businesses they have compiled a short survey (less than 5 minutes) on the Cambridge BID website. Cargo-bike curious? Have your say!