Camcycle local election survey helps Cambridge residents to ‘Vote Bike’

Vote BikeFor the 13th year running, local charity Camcycle has published a survey for local election candidates to gauge their views on improving provision for cycling in and around Cambridge. The charity aims to help residents to ‘vote bike’ when they go to the ballot box on Thursday 2 May and raise awareness among candidates of the need for more space for cycling across the city and in each electoral ward.

At the time of reporting, 65% of city council candidates and half of the candidates for the county council election in Trumpington Ward had submitted responses. The survey was written by Camcycle members and volunteers including questions specific to each ward to measure candidates’ understanding of local cycling issues. The charity is a non-partisan body and gives all candidates an equal opportunity to submit their views.

Previous surveys have sparked discussions on cycling in the local media and even gained coverage in national media outlets. This year’s topics include tackling cycle theft, encouraging more people to cycle and improving the planning system to deliver safer streets and better facilities for those who cycle.

Responses to the survey were published on Camcycle’s website on Thursday 25 May and can be viewed at