Camcycle’s 13th annual Reach Ride supported by Tour de France sponsor Continental Tyres

Continental Tyres on two e-bikes
Continental supply tyres for all types of cycle from world-class racing bikes to e-bikes used for leisure

From Reach to Reims, the joy of cycling is universal and this year Camcycle’s Reach Ride will have even more in common with the world’s most famous cycle ride. The bank holiday ride from Cambridge to the historic fair in the village of Reach is supported this year by Continental Tyres, one of the main sponsors of the 2019 Tour de France.

Together with support from Cambridge City Council, the German tyre manufacturer is partnering with Camcycle, the local cycling charity, to deliver the Reach Ride as it celebrates its 13th year. The company supplies high-end racing tyres to six World Tour teams, but emphasises that its products provide superior grip ‘whatever the wheel’ and include tyres for all types of cycling from commuting and touring to mountain biking and cyclocross.

A Continental spokesperson said, “Continental Tyres are proud partners of the Camcycle Reach Ride. Our exciting new range of CONTACT Plus, Double Fighter, Gatorskin and RIDE Tour bicycle tyres fit perfectly to the needs of the everyday commuter and leisure cyclist and are available through your local independent bicycle shop or Halfords branch.”

Camcycle’s Executive Director, Roxanne De Beaux, said, “Thanks to the hard work of our dedicated volunteers, the Reach Ride has gone from strength to strength over the last 13 years. Following the record-breaking ride in 2018 with over 1,000 people cycling to the Reach Fair, we’re excited that our local, family-friendly event has gained the attention of the prestigious global cycling brand, Continental Tyres. While the Tour de France may showcase the physical prowess of elite cyclists, the Reach Ride is truly a ride for everyone and every type of cycle. It is a joy to see the cyclists of Cambridge cycling en masse to the Reach Fair each year.”

The Reach Ride takes place on Bank Holiday Monday 6 May and covers a distance of around 29 miles from Cambridge to Reach and back. Participants gather at Cambridge Guildhall from 9am to depart at 10am, but may also join at other locations along the route. An alternative group, led by Ely Cycling Campaign, will be departing from Ely station at 10am for a scenic, off-road route across the Fens. A team of mechanics from Outspoken Cycles will be available to help out with minor bike fixes between Cambridge and Reach.

The ride aims to arrive in time for the traditional opening of the historic Reach fair at noon by the Mayor of Cambridge. Led rides back to Cambridge and Ely depart from the Reach cycle park at 3pm. It’s a fun, friendly day out which welcomes riders of all ages on all types of cycle.