Your cycling questions for City Council election candidates

The City Council elections are coming up soon. Candidates will be announced on 9 April and the election will be held on 3 May. You may have noticed local parties have already started canvassing in your area.

Our election survey is a very important campaigning tool, it helps us to bring cycling issues to the attention of candidates, it allows constituents to assess the level of support candidates have for cycling and it then allows us to hold elected councillors accountable to their statements of support for cycling. The survey also raises awareness of Camcycle and encourages new members due to the publicity the survey generates.

Camcycle is a member-led organisation so it is important that our members contribute to the questions we ask in the survey so that we can best represent the concerns of our cycling community. Please tell us what you want to ask your potential local councillors. You can contribute to the questions on Cyclescape 3850 or Ensembling 178698 or you can send an email directly to

We need questions that apply to any area of Cambridge and/or specifically to a ward. For example, we will be asking candidates for East Chesterton about their views on the lack of segregated cycleways near the Shirley School on Nuffield Road and we will ask Romsey and Petersfield candidates about their views on providing more on-street cycle parking. All candidates will be asked questions about issues like potholes and the safety of children cycling to school.

We’ve had requests to do an election survey for South Cambridgeshire as well and, should we find a volunteer to coordinate this process, we would very much like to do this. Can you help?