Weekly update – 8th September

he holidays are clearly over, the Greater Cambridge Partnership (GCP) is working back up to full pace with Local Liaison Forum, Joint Assembly and Executive Board meetings in the next few weeks. If you wish to have your say about any of the issues at the GCP Joint Assembly or Executive Board, make sure you register at least 3 working days before the meeting.

  • Greater Cambridge Partnership meetings
  • October Monthly Meeting – Isabelle Clement and Neil Andrews, Wheels for Wellbeing
  • Consultations and planning applications

Greater Cambridge Partnership meetings:

GCP Joint Assembly meeting: Wednesday, 13 September, 2 pm, at Kreis Viersen Room, Shire Hall, Cambridge

On the agenda: (Click links below for additional GCP project summaries)

GCP Executive Board meeting (same agenda items): Wednesday, 20 September, 4 pm at The Council Chamber, South Cambridgeshire Hall, Cambourne

Milton Road Local Liaison Forum: Tuesday 12 September, 6pm-8pm, at Chesterton Community College.

Cambourne to Cambridge  Local Liaison Forum: Monday 11 September, 6pm – 9pm at Comberton Sports & Arts, West St, Comberton 6pm – 7.15pm – Western Orbital and the Park and Ride at Trumpington.

  • 6pm – 7.15pm – Western Orbital and the Park and Ride at Trumpington.
  • 7.30pm – 9pm –  Cambourne to Cambridge busway project.  


October Monthly Meeting – Isabelle Clement and Neil Andrews, Wheels for Wellbeing.

Isabelle and Neil will be talking about Wheels for Wellbeing’s recent research into the experience of disabled cyclists in London and across the UK. They will talk about how and why we should move to a fully inclusive cycling culture. It’s about bringing a true, Beyond the Bicycle, cycling revolution, where those who would benefit the most from cycling are able to do so. Wheels for Wellbeing is a small, disability run, cycling organisation based in South London. All its work is shaped by the experience of disabled cyclists.

Tuesday, 3 October. 7.30pm for an 8pm start. Friends Meeting House. Jesus Lane, Cambridge.



See our campaign diary online


Mon 11th: Cambourne to Cambridge  Local Liaison Forum. Comberton Sports & Arts. 6pm – 9pm

Tue 12th: Milton Road Local Liaison Forum. Chesterton Community College. 6pm-8pm

Wed 13th: GCP Joint Assembly. Shire Hall, Cambridge. 2pm

Sat 16th: Cherry Hinton Festival. (Volunteers needed) See Cyclescape 2617

Wed 20th: GCP Executive Board. The Council Chamber, South Cambridgeshire Hall. 4pm

Sun 24th: Milton Autumn Festival. (Volunteers needed) See Cyclescape 1767



Tue 3rd: Monthly Meeting – 7:30pm Friends' Meeting House, Jesus Lane. Isabelle Clement – 'Wheels for Wellbeing'

Sat 21st: 'Volunteer for Cambridge' Fair. (Volunteers needed) See Cyclescape 1615

Sun 29th: Newsletter Copy Deadline. See Cyclescape 979


Consultations and planning applications

We recommend members also object if they have concerns about developments in their local area. You can contact your councillor and/or search by the reference number on the Cambridge City Council, South Cambridge District Council or Cambridgeshire County Council planning portals to submit responses directly. Summaries of the applications, discussion about cycling issues and our final responses can be read on the Cyclescape thread.

Objections sent by Camcycle this week:

17/1372/FUL: 15 flats. 291 Hills Road, Cambridge. Closes: 08/09/17.  Cyclescape 3464

C/5003/17/CC: Expansion of Chesterton Community College. Closes: 05/09/17.  Cyclescape 3483

Applications still under review:

Cambridge City Council

17/1235/FUL Conversion of house to two x 2-bed flats. 1A Tenison Road. Closes: 08/09/17.  Cyclescape 3481

17/1465/FUL: 2 x 3-bed houses and 2 x 2-bed flats. 64 Coleridge Road, Cambridge. Closes: 14/09/17.  Cyclescape 3501

16/1898/COND6: Bike storage. 11 – 15 Malden Close, Cambridge . Closes: 14/09/17.  Cyclescape 3502

15/1938/COND8: Cycle parking. 113 Ditton Fields, Cambridge. Closes: 12/09/17. Cyclescape 3514

17/1453/FUL: 6 bed HMO. Extension, change of use. 29 Fernlea Close, Cambridge. Closes: 20/09/17. Cyclescape 3511

17/1495/FUL: 4 Bedroom dwelling. 53 Alpha Terrace, Cambridge. Closes: 20/09/17. Cyclescape 3513

17/1407/FUL: Installation of cycle hoops, removeable bollards. 130 Cowley Road. Closes: 22/09/17. Cyclescape 3509

17/1494/FUL: 2 * 2-bed dwellings. Rear Of 237 – 237A Milton Road Cambridge. Closes: 25/09/17. Cyclescape 3508


South Cambridgeshire District Council

S/2917/17/RM: Two R&D buildings. Babraham Research Campus. Closes: 08/09/17.  Cyclescape 3504

S/2991/17/OL: 4 dwellings with new access. 1 Garden Walk, Histon. Closes: 14/09/17.  Cyclescape 3499

S/2993/17/RM: 48 New dwellings. Land of Mill Lane, Sawston. Closes: 27/09/17. Cyclescape 3512 


Cambridgeshire County Council

S/0246/17/CC: Playgroup. Waterbeach Barracks, Denny End Road, Waterbeach. Closes: 14/09/17.  Cyclescape 3500


Using Cyclescape

If you are having issues accessing the Cyclescape discussions please see the guidance here. Existing Camcycle members will need to register for Cyclescape the first time they use it.