Weekly update – 22nd September

Brr, it's cold! It's time to find the gloves hidden in the back of the wardrobe and make sure your bike lights are charged and working. Luckily the forecast for this weekend and the MIlton Autumn Festival is good so why not join us at our stall? We're keen to get new volunteers involved so please don't be shy and come along to see what it's like.

There's a few consultations to look at this week, plenty of planning applications with cycling issues and don't forget the Camcycle podcast.

  • Greenways consultation for Barton and Haslingfield
  • Changes proposed for the Grafton Area
  • Volunteer this weekend at Milton Autumn Festival
  • October Monthly Meeting – Isabelle Clement and Neil Andrews, Wheels for Wellbeing
  • Camcycle Podcast

Greenways consultation for Barton and Haslingfield

The Greater Cambridgeshire Partnership has announced plans to begin consultation on the Barton and Haslingfield Greenways. Four events are planned with the goal of gathering a wealth of information from stakeholders including where people are travelling between, what challenges users experience with the current infrastructure, which routes to the city would be preferred and what types of infrastructure would be best in keeping with the local area. Find our more from Greater Cambridgeshire Partnership.

You can help inform our comments on these routes by contributing to discussion on Cyclescape 3248


Grafton Area

Changes proposed for the Grafton Area

The Grafton Area of Major Change (AoMC) is the proposed area of major change including the Fitzroy/Burleigh Street/Grafton Area of Major Change outlined in the emerging Cambridge Local Plan. The recently drafted Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) takes the proposed AoMC from the emerging Local Plan for Cambridge and outlines the aspirations for the area, as well as the key issues, constraints and opportunities that will influence how new development will take place.

We've recently found out about stakeholder consultations on these plans which took place in March and April this year. Unfortunately, we were not included in the early stakeholder consultations despite several implications for the cycling environment in the area. We are now reviewing the draft documents and formulating a response. You can follow the discussion and find out more about the cycling issues on Cyclescape 3530. The draft documents are available on the City Council website.  We will provide a summary of the issues when we have had time to assess the various proposals.

The City Council will consult on these plans from 25 September until 6 November.

What's a Supplementary Planning Document (SPD)?

"Supplementary Planning Documents (SPDs) add further detail to the policies in the Local Plan. They can be used to provide further guidance for development on specific sites, or on particular issues, such as design.

These documents can be a material consideration in planning decisions but are not part of the development plan."

Learn more about SPDs from the City Council: https://www.cambridge.gov.uk/supplementary-planning-documents-and-guidance


Milton Festival

Volunteer this weekend at Milton Autumn Festival

Camcycle will be taking our stall along to the Autumn Festival at Milton Country Park on Sunday. It is a great opportunity to volunteer for the campaign. You'll get the chance to enthuse to the public about the great things that we do and help get others involved in our future work. It promises to be an enjoyable event with lots of fun activities, food and craft stalls to check out when not with the Camcycle stall. Even the weather forecast is looking good. We will look forward to seeing you there.

Please email contact@camcycle.org.uk if you would like more information about volunteering or to let us know you will be coming. 


 Wheels for Wellbeing

October Monthly Meeting – Isabelle Clement and Neil Andrews, Wheels for Wellbeing.

Isabelle and Neil will be talking about Wheels for Wellbeing’s recent research into the experience of disabled cyclists in London and across the UK. They will talk about how and why we should move to a fully inclusive cycling culture. It’s about bringing a true, Beyond the Bicycle, cycling revolution, where those who would benefit the most from cycling are able to do so. Wheels for Wellbeing is a small, disability run, cycling organisation based in South London. All its work is shaped by the experience of disabled cyclists.

Tuesday, 3 October. 7.30 pm for an 8 pm start. Friends Meeting House. Jesus Lane, Cambridge.


Camcycle Podcast

This week on the Camcycle Podcast Hester talks to blogger and cycle campaigner, Sally Hinchcliffe, about rural cycling in Scotland.



See our campaign diary online


Sun 24th: Milton Autumn Festival. (Volunteers needed) See Cyclescape 1767

Wed 28th: West Central Area Committee. Wesley Methodist Church, Christ's Pieces. 19.00



Tue 3rd: Monthly Meeting – 7:30 pm Friends' Meeting House, Jesus Lane. Isabelle Clement – 'Wheels for Wellbeing'

Sun 15th: Blessing of the Bicycles. University Church (Great St Mary's). 17.15

Tue 17th: Barton & Haslingfield Greenways consultation. Barton Primary school. 17.30 – 19.30

Wed 18th: Barton & Haslingfield Greenways consultation. Cambridge Rugby Club (Grantchester Rd). 17.30 – 20.00

Fri 20th: Barton & Haslingfield Greenways consultation. Cambridgeshire County Council (Shire Hall) 11.00 – 14.00.

Sat 21st: 'Volunteer for Cambridge' Fair. (Volunteers needed) See Cyclescape 1615

Wed 25th:  Barton & Haslingfield Greenways consultation. Haslingfield Methodist Church. 18.00 – 20.00

Sun 29th: Newsletter Copy Deadline. See Cyclescape 979


Consultations and planning applications

We recommend members also object if they have concerns about developments in their local area. You can contact your councillor and/or search by the reference number on the Cambridge City Council, South Cambridge District Council or Cambridgeshire County Council planning portals to submit responses directly. Summaries of the applications, discussion about cycling issues and our final responses can be read on the Cyclescape thread.

Objections sent by Camcycle this week:

S/2991/17/OL: 4 dwellings with new access. 1 Garden Walk, Histon. Closes: 14/09/17. Cyclescape 3499 – Lack of cycle parking and implications of new access for Glebe Way cycling and walking.

17/1420/FUL: Car licence testing centre. Brookmount Court Kirkwood Road, Cambridge. Closes: 27/09/17. Cyclescape 3535 – No cycle parking provision.

17/1481/FUL: 3 flats. 178 Kendal Way, Cambridge. Closes: 28/09/17. Cyclescape 3534 – Insufficient information about cycle parking and access.

Applications still under review:

Cambridge City Council

17/1407/FUL: Installation of cycle hoops, removeable bollards. 130 Cowley Road. Closes: 22/09/17. Cyclescape 3509

17/1494/FUL: 2 * 2-bed dwellings. Rear Of 237 – 237A Milton Road Cambridge. Closes: 25/09/17. Cyclescape 3508

17/1527/FUL: 14 dwellings and retail unit. 213 Mill Road, Cambridge. Closes: 02/10/17. Cyclescape 3539

17/1578/FUL: 7 flats. 25A Mowbray Road, Cambridge. Closes: 04/10/17. Cyclescape 3546

17/1575/FUL: New dwelling. 22 St Thomas's Square, Cambridge. Closes: 04/10/17. Cyclescape 3551

17/1518/FUL: Replacement dwellinghouse. 15 Fontwell Avenue, Cambridge. Closes: 04/10/17. Cyclescape 3552

17/1484/OUT: Café and cycle shop. Chisholm Trail, near Newmarket road. Closes: 05/10/17. Cyclescape 3544

17/1533/FUL: 2 Dwellings. 4 Green End Road, Cambridge. Closes: 05/10/17. Cyclescape 3550

17/1534/FUL: 1 Bed dwelling in outbuilding. 4 Green End Road, Cambridge. Closes: 05/10/17. Cyclescape 3548

17/1550/FUL: Office buildings. Jupiter & Leda House. 10 & 20 Station Road. Closes: 13/10/17. Cyclescape 3553


South Cambridgeshire District Council 

S/0231/17/CC/C1: Cycle parking and other development. Fulbourn Primary School. Closes: 23/09/17. Cyclescape 3533

S/2993/17/RM: 48 New dwellings. Land of Mill Lane, Sawston. Closes: 27/09/17. Cyclescape 3512 

S/2979/17/FL Conversion to three units. 52 High Street, Sawston, Cambridge. Closes: 27/09/17. Cyclescape 3531

S/1733/16/FL: Cambridge Health And Fitness Clinic, Bridge Road, Impington. Closes: 04/10/17. Cyclescape 3560


Using Cyclescape

If you are having issues accessing the Cyclescape discussions please see the guidance here. Existing Camcycle members will need to register for Cyclescape the first time they use it.