Weekly update – 1st September

This week:

  • September Monthly Meeting – 5 September. “So you want to get rid of motorists?”
  • Two-way cycling proposed for more Cambridge streets
  • Mill Road Depot update
  • Calendar
  • Consultations and planning applications

 five AI

September Monthly Meeting – 5 September

"So you want to get rid of motorists?"

We all wish living car-free would be more convenient. We all want cars to be safer around cyclists and pedestrians. Dan Hulme, Camcycle member and developer at local autonomous car maker FiveAI, is working towards these goals. He'll be discussing how a self-driving car service can support and protect all road users, and taking questions.

Friends Meeting House. 7.30pm for an 8pm start. Jesus Lane, Cambridge.


Two way cycling

Two-way cycling proposed for more Cambridge streets

The list of streets where two-way cycling is proposed include:

  • Sedgwick Street
  • Brookside
  • Catharine Street
  • Thoday Street
  • Ross Street (south – the northern section is already two-way for cycling)
  • Hemingford Road
  • Argyle Street
  • Guest Road
  • Emery Street
  • Perowne Street
  • Collier Road
  • Norwich Street
  • Coronation Street (west of the junction with Panton Street)
  • Union Road
  • New Square

You can find out more about the proposals on the County Council website and read our discussion on Cyclescape 3497 and our response on our blog post.

Please email policyandregulation@cambridgeshire.gov.uk by 1 September 2017 with your comments.  


Mill Road Depot update

We are concerned about the amount of car parking provided in this development.  Our response to the developers and a summary of our views are provided on our website. You can also follow our discussion and updates on Cyclescape 1912.



See our campaign diary online


Tue 5th: Monthly Meeting – 7:30pm Friends' Meeting House, Jesus Lane. 'Dan Hulme talking about Autonomous vehicles and cyclists'

Sat 16th: Cherry Hinton Festival. (Volunteers needed) See Cyclescape 2617

Sun 24th: Milton Autumn Festival. (Volunteers needed) See Cyclescape 1767



Tue 3rd: Monthly Meeting – 7:30pm Friends' Meeting House, Jesus Lane. Isabelle Clement – 'Wheels for Wellbeing'

Sat 21st: 'Volunteer for Cambridge' Fair. (Volunteers needed) See Cyclescape 1615

Sun 29th: Newsletter Copy Deadline. See Cyclescape 979


Consultations and planning applications

We recommend members also object if they have concerns about developments in their local area. You can contact your councillor and/or search by the reference number on the Cambridge City Council, South Cambridge District Council or Cambridgeshire County Council planning portals to submit responses directly. Summaries of the applications, discussion about cycling issues and our final responses can be read on the Cyclescape thread.

Objections sent by Camcycle

Cambridge City Council:

17/1249/FUL: Conversion to 2 dwellings. 178 Coldhams Lane. Cambridge. Closes: 22/08/17.  Cyclescape 3444

17/1260/LBC: Darwin College Counting House, bike store entrance ramp. Closes: 23/08/17.  Cyclescape 3441

17/1252/FUL: Change of use to 3 flats. 12 Orchard Estate, Cambridge. Closes: 24/08/17.  Cyclescape 3442

17/1225/FUL: Office Building and Pub. Newmarket Road and Abbey Street, Cambridge. Closes: 25/08/17.  Cyclescape 3424

17/1297/FUL: 15 units above and behind the supermarket on Perne Road. Closes: 28/08/17.  Cyclescape 3459

17/1391/S73: Hotel basement car and cycle park. 74-76 Chesterton Road, Cambridge. Closes: 01/09/17.  Cyclescape 3465

17/1339/FUL: 10 x apartments. 18 Panton St Cambridge. Closes: 04/09/17.  Cyclescape 3443

17/1272/FUL: 14 * 3 bed dwellings. Land at rear of 300 Coldhams Lane, Cambridge. Closes: 04/09/17.  Cyclescape 3440

17/1303/FUL: Change of use to three 2-bed flats. Newnham Mill. Closes: 06/09/17.  Cyclescape 3482


South Cambridgeshire District Council:

S/2584/17/RM: 18 Dwellings. 83, Moorfield Road, Whittlesford. Closes: 23/08/17.  Cyclescape 3423

S/2590/17/RM: 199 Dwellings. Land to east of New Road, Melbourn. Closes: 23/08/17.  Cyclescape 3422

S/2383/17/FL: 26 dwellings. Longstanton Road, Over. Closes: 23/08/17.  Cyclescape 3412

S/2697/17/FL: Two, two bed flats and dental surgery. 66 Station Road, Histon. Closes: 30/08/17.  Cyclescape 3461

S/2777/17/OL: 20 dwellings. Land at Royston Road, Whittlesford. Closes: 06/09/17.  Cyclescape 3467

Applications still under review

Cambridge City Council:

17/1372/FUL: 15 flats. 291 Hills Road, Cambridge. Closes: 08/09/17.  Cyclescape 3464

17/1235/FUL Conversion of house to two x 2-bed flats. 1A Tenison Road. Closes: 08/09/17.  Cyclescape 3481

17/1465/FUL: 2 x 3-bed houses and 2 x 2-bed flats. 64 Coleridge Road, Cambridge. Closes: 14/09/17.  Cyclescape 3501

16/1898/COND6: Bike storage. 11 – 15 Malden Close, Cambridge . Closes: 14/09/17.  Cyclescape 3502


South Cambridgeshire District Council:

S/2840/17/RM: Plot 420, Phase VI, Cambridge Science Park, Cambridge. Closes: 28/08/17. (Late responses may be considered) Cyclescape 3486

S/2577/17/FL: 20 Dwellings. Land off Fen End, Over, Cambridgeshire. Closes: 30/08/17.  Cyclescape 3460

S/2740/17/RM: Care home. Land to the east of New Road, New Road, Melbourn. Closes: 06/09/17.  Cyclescape 3468

S/2917/17/RM: Two R&D buildings. Babraham Research Campus. Closes: 08/09/17.  Cyclescape 3504

S/2991/17/OL: 4 dwellings with new access. 1 Garden Walk, Histon. Closes: 14/09/17.  Cyclescape 3499


Cambridgeshire County Council:

C/5003/17/CC: Expansion of Chesterton Community College. Closes: 05/09/17.  Cyclescape 3483

S/0246/17/CC: Playgroup. Waterbeach Barracks, Denny End Road, Waterbeach. Closes: 14/09/17.  Cyclescape 3500


Using Cyclescape

If you are having issues accessing the Cyclescape discussions please see the guidance here. Existing Camcycle members will need to register for Cyclescape the first time they use it.