Weekly update – 14th July

We apologise for the lengthy nature of this update, but there is just so much happening in and around Cambridge right now. On 19 July the Joint Development Control Committee meets to decide on the Chisholm Trail Phase 1 planning application and on the same day The Greater Cambridge Partnership (Previously known as the City Deal) meets in Cambourne with a lengthy agenda including Milton Road. We quite literally need to be in two places at once! Planning applications are now being presented for the Cambridge North Station site and amazingly they propose to remove the excellent cycling infrastructure that has only recently been installed. We will be objecting!

As always thanks for reading and thank you for your support.

  • Chisholm Trail
  • Greater Cambridge Partnership
  • Call to action! Milton Road Alliance petition for cycling and trees
  • Cambridge Greenways consultations
  • New developments proposed for Cambridge North Station
  • Speed proven to be cause of Busway derailment
  • Cambridge Women honoured in Cycling UKs 100 Women in Cycling
  • Learn how to fix your bike like a pro – Outspoken Velotech Gold course
  • August Monthly meeting

Chisholm Trail

The Chisholm Trail Phase 1 planning application will be considered at the Joint Development and Control Committee meeting on 19 July. The Planning Officers have recommended approval of the application. We will attend the meeting to urge councillors to approve the application. If you wish to communicate your support for the Chisholm Trail you can contact your local councillor or the councillors who sit on the JDCC. More information about the Chisholm Trail can be found on Cyclescape and our Chisholm Trail web page.


Greater Cambridge Partnership

The agendas for the upcoming meetings of the Greater Cambridge Partnership (Previously known as the Greater Cambridge City Deal) have now been released. There is a lot to be covered in these meetings including:

  • Rapid Mass Transport Strategic Options Appraisal (Cyclescape 3346)
  • Milton Road and Histon Road: Bus, Cycling and Walking Improvements (see our call to action below)
  • A428/A1303 Better Bus Journey Scheme (Cyclescape 1855)
  • Cross-City Cycling – Determination of Traffic Regulation Orders. Including Hills Road and Green End Road (Cyclescape 1721)
  • City Access Strategy (Cyclescape 2586)
  • Improving Greater Cambridge Partnership Governance (Cyclescape 608)

These meetings are open to the public who can also register to ask questions. In order to ask a question at the Assembly or Executive Board you must send it by 10 a.m. the Friday beforehand, in order to read it out on the day of the hearing.

Send your question to democratic.services@scambs.gov.uk and be aware that it must be readable in less than 3 minutes. If you cannot make the hearing yourself please indicate in the e-mail who you are designating to show up in your place. 

The meeting details are:

If you have concerns about any of the agenda items you can get in touch with your local councillor or the members of the Assembly or Executive Board.


Call to action! Milton Road Alliance petition for cycling and trees

The Milton Road Alliance has launched a petition against the 'modified' Greater Cambridge Partnership plans that still squeeze out verges and cycle lanes.

You can contact your local city and county councillors and let them know that you support trees and verges protecting people walking and cycling as shown in the original 'Do Optimum' plan. Please also consider asking a question at the Assembly and Executive Board hearings coming up. You must send that question by Friday 10am, see above for details. 

The Camcycle stall bike is joining the Milton Road Alliance on 15 July, in the Market Square from 10 am to 4 pm. Come along to find out more about our plans for Milton Road.

The two crucial decision-point Cambridge Partnership meetings for Milton Road are the following:

Sign the petition


Cambridge Greenways consultations


Further consultation is now underway for the Fulbourn and Waterbeach Greenways schemes. You can learn more about the Greenways project on the County Council website (reports) and the City Deal website (consultation events) and can participate in our discussion and get more updates on Cyclescape. (Fulbourn, Waterbeach)

Fulbourn Greenway consultation events:

Tuesday, 18 July 2017 4:30 PM at Fulbourn Primary School


Waterbeach Greenway consultation events:

Wednesday, 12 July 2017 5:30 PM at St John's Church, Waterbeach

Wednesday, 19 July 2017 6:30 PM at Waterbeach Primary School


New developments proposed for Cambridge North Station

Two planning applications for the Cambridge North Station site have been submitted this week and early assessment has revealed a number of concerning implications for cycling.

The Office

Planning application S/2403/17/FL is for an office building, ground floor retail, landscaping, a 125 space car park and public realm 'improvements'.

The applicant is proposing to completely remove the current (and very excellent) segregated cycleway and footway which leads to Cowley Road, instead replacing it with 'active frontage' – a shared use area of less total width and with obstructing trees. We envisage that this will be similar to the space created at the Cambridge Station Square in front of the retail stores, but significantly narrower. The filed documents appear to misrepresent the existing cycleway as block-paved shared space. We believe there are also concerns with cycle parking. We are finalising our objection letter in Cyclescape 3342.

The Hotel

Planning application S/2372/17/FL is for a 217-bed hotel with ground floor retail, landscaping, a 20 space car park and public realm 'improvements'.

Staff have only a small cycle parking area for 20 cycles. There is no guest cycle parking. There also appears to be no cycle parking for the retail stores. Imagery of the 'main access route' also indicates the loss of the existing segregated cycle route. We will continue our assessment of the planning application and drafting of our objection in Cyclescape 3338.

We will publish our objections to these planning applications next week and provide more instructions on how you can object. In the meantime you can raise concerns with your local councillors or comment on the planning application.


Speed proven to be cause of Busway derailment

Contrary to early and irresponsible tweets and reports by Cambridge News and Whippet Coaches the recent Busway derailment was not caused by the driver 'swerving to avoid cyclists'. It has since been proven (as we predicted) that the driver was speeding. Whippet have removed their early tweets and when the BBC asked about the company's tweets regarding cyclists on the track, a Whippet representative responded "It wasn't down to the cyclists, so for that tweet we apologise.". We are disappointed that Cambridge News is continuing to misrepresent the true nature of these events. Members may like to write to the editor asking for a correction.

You can read our letter to the County Council Busway Team to expressing our concerns about the speed that buses are travelling on the Busway.


 Women in Cycling

Cambridge Women honoured in Cycling UKs 100 Women in Cycling

Catherine Thompson Head Mechanic for Outspoken and Roxanne De Beaux our Campaign Officer have both been honoured in the first Cycling UK '100 Women in Cycling' as part of the Women's Cycling Festival. Cat and Rox enjoyed an event in Birmingham this week to celebrate and promote the role that women play in cycling. The biographies of the 100 women will be released throughout July.


Learn how to fix your bike like a pro – Outspoken Velotech Gold course

*** 15% Discount for Camcycle members ***

Some last minute places are available for Outspoken's Velotech Gold weekend course starting this weekend over the dates of Sat 15th, Sun 16th, Sat 22nd, Sun 23rd July, 2017. The 15% discount for Camcycle members provides a substantial saving!

The course is perfect for individuals, either professionals or keen amateurs wanting to gain a full understanding of bike maintenance. The course runs over four days and teaches you how to strip and rebuild a bike from scratch, taking you through all the bike's different systems in the process. The course is run by Head Mechanic, Cat who was recently nominated by Cycling UK as one of the 100 Women in Cycling for her fantastic work.

Camcycle trustee, Tom McKeown, enjoyed the course in 2015 and wrote about it for our newsletter.

Email team@outspokencycles.co.uk for more details.



August Monthly meeting

Our guest speaker for our August meeting will be Andrew P. Sykes speaking about his cycling adventures and his latest book 'Spain to Norway on a Bike Called Reggie'.


Andrew P. Sykes is a writer and cyclist. He is also a lover of those quirky, humorous travelogues that meander comically from one minor adventure to the next, and so writing about his own cycling adventures seemed the natural thing for him to do.


When not writing and travelling, Andrew edits a popular cycling website, CyclingEurope.org, where you will find more information about his journeys and cycling and travel in general. For more details, visit apsykes.com, the Cycling Europe on a Bike Called Reggie Facebook page, and follow Andrew on Twitter @CyclingEurope.


August monthly meeting. 1 August, 7.30pm for 8pm start. Friends Meeting House, Jesus Lane.


See our campaign diary online.



Sat 15th: Milton Road Alliance Stall. Market Square, Cambridge. 10am – 4pm

Mon 17th: South Area Committee Meeting. Cherry Hinton Village Leisure Centre. 7pm

Mon 17th: A428 Local Liaison Forum. Comberton Village College. 7.30pm (Cyclescape 1855)

Tue 18th: West Central Area Committee. St Marks Community Centre. 7pm

Wed 19th: City Deal Assembly, Council Chamber at South Cambridgeshire Hall, Cambourne. 1pm

Wed 19th: Mill Road Depot Public Exhibition. Bharat Bhavan. Drop in between 3pm and 8pm (Cyclescape 1912)

Thu 29th: East Area Committee Meeting. Cherry Trees Day Centre. 7pm

Wed 26th: City Deal Executive Board, Council Chamber at the Guild Hall. 10.30am



Tue 1st:  Monthly Meeting – 7:30pm Friends' Meeting House, Jesus Lane (Andrew Sykes author of 'A Bike Called Reggie' series)

Sat 12th: Camcycle Social. The Haymakers. 2pm

Sun 27th: Newsletter copy deadline. Email editor@camcycle.org.uk



Tue 5th: Monthly Meeting – 7:30pm Friends' Meeting House, Jesus Lane