Weekly update – 13th April

Reach Ride

In our update this week:

  • #AbsoluteBollards
  • Reach Ride – Let's make this one the best
  • Mayoral elections
  • Don't forget these consultations
  • Upcoming events
  • In the news


Sometimes bollards are necessary, but they should never be dangerous or make routes unusable. We are campaigning against bollards and other obstructions that impede and endanger. Let us know about the bollards that bother you and support our #AbsouteBollards campaign. You can also contribute on Cyclescape 2961

Reach Ride – Let's make this one the best

Hopefully, you are planning to join us for the Reach Ride on 1 May. There are a few other things you can do to help make this the best Reach Ride we've ever had.

Promote the ride

You can distribute leaflets, ask your workplace or community group to include the event in their newsletters, share on social media and invite your family and friends.

Join the Recce Ride

Join us on 29 April for the Reach Recce Ride. We will meet at Guildhall at 10 am to ride to Reach and back to ensure the route is safe and clear and to put up signs for the Reach Ride. We will be stopping at the new pub "The Shed" in Lode for lunch on the way back. If you can attend please complete the doodle poll here: http://doodle.com/poll/nseuffqqfq4t8cfq and send an email to contact@camcycle.org.uk so that we have your contact details.

Be a Reach Ride marshal

Can you be a marshal for the Reach Ride? Help participants to stay on route and (if you have the skills) you could help out with the occasional puncture repair. Ideally, you will be able to attend the Recce Ride on 29 April to ensure you are familiar with the route.



Watch our Election Hustings event

If you were unable to make it to our hustings event last week but you still want to know what the candidates had to say, you might like to know that our live-stream recording can still be viewed on our Facebook page. The candidates all expressed their support for cycling, but of course, it's the details that count.

Election Survey

We've worked very hard to try and get the details of all the County Council election candidates for our annual election survey. This task is surprisingly difficult as we often get no response from various parties. If you want to see your local candidates participate in the survey you might like to suggest to them that they get in touch with us. We are missing the details for:

– Conservative party in all locations

– Greens in South Cambs, East Cambs, Fenland, Hunts

– Labour party in East Cambs, Fenland, Hunts

– Lib Dems in Hunts- Independents outside of Cambridge City(We have UKIP details for all locations)

Camcycle and Cycling UK ask mayoral candidates to support cycling

vote bike

Camcycle is working with Cycling UK to call on all mayoral candidates to support a set of three cycling asks:

  1. Ensure cycling is fully designed into all new roads projects
  2. Ensure cycling is fully designed into all new developments 
  3. Make cycling the easiest and most obvious choice of transport for all short journeys or parts of a longer journey

You can find out more about these asks and see whether our local candidates support them on the Cycling UK's Vote Bike.  We also encourage you to take action and show our potential mayors that we want Space for Cycling.

Take action now!


A428 Black Cat to Caxton Gibbet: Consultation closes April 23. Cyclescape 2816.

"Access to Addenbrooke's" Draft Transport Plan consultation: Consultation closes April 23. Cyclescape 3113

Northwest Cambridge cycling friendly development? Cyclescape 3105

AgriTech Hinxton: Proposals from SmithsonHill for AgriTech park East of the A1301 and South of the A505 at Hinxton. Cyclescape 3119



See our campaign diary online.


Thu 27th: The Extraordinary Story of Human Beings, Energy and Happiness. An inspirational multimedia presentation from Paul Allen, key thinker from the Centre for Alternative Technology who will challenge attendees to radically rethink their story and to visualise what a climate positive future might look like. (A Cambridge Carbon Footprint event)

Fri 28th: Zero Carbon Britain: Making It Happen. Explore the economic, cultural and psychological barriers to achieving net zero greenhouse gas emissions and learn from a toolbox of ideas to overcome them. (A Cambridge Carbon Footprint event)

Sat 29th: Reach Ride Recce. Ride to Reach and back to check the route for the Reach Ride. We'll be stopping for a pub lunch. Depart from the Guildhall at 10 am.

Sun 30th: Newsletter copy deadline.



Mon 1st: Reach Ride – Starts at 10 am at the Guildhall.

Tue 2nd: May meeting. Guest speaker Eric Tetteroo from Dutch Cycling Embassy. 7:30 pm Friends' Meeting House, Jesus Lane.

Thu 4th: Mayoral elections and County Council elections.



Tue 6th: Monthly Meeting – Guest Speaker Rachel Aldred. 7:30 pm Friends' Meeting House, Jesus Lane.


In the News

Don't forget to read Robin Heydon's latest cycling column in the Cambridge News. http://www.cambridge-news.co.uk/all-about/cycling


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