Weekly update – 13th January

 In our update this week:

  • Photo of the week
  • Hills Road Cycleways
  • Opening of Babraham Cycleway
  • City Deal
  • City Access Congestion Reduction Proposals
  • Urban and Environmental Design Guidance
  • City Deal forward plans
  • Cycle route between Horningsea and Waterbeach
  • Better cycling at the Science Park
  • Events
  • In the news

GritterPhoto of the week

Thanks to Lucy Price for this great picture of the County Council gritter quad bike gritting Parker's Piece paths in 2013.


Hills Road Cycleways

Construction will soon start on Hills Road as part of the City Deal 'Cross-City Cycle Routes' project. You can attend pre-consultation events to find out more:

  • Tuesday 17 January, 12:00 – 14:00, Addenbrooke's Concourse, CB2 0QQ
  • Thursday 26 January, 17:30 – 19:30, St John the Evangelist's Church, Hills Road CB2 8RN

See the County website for more information:


Opening of Babraham Cycleway

The new cycleway connecting the villages of Babraham and The Abingtons to the A1307 is now complete. The 1.1km long 2.5m wide shared use path will give the public access through the Babraham Institute’s land and it is hoped this will encourage cycle commuting to both the Campus and nearby Granta Park.

There will also be an inaugural cycle ride and official opening ceremony on Friday, 3 February 2017. The cycle ride will start at Whittlesford Memorial Hall at 1.30pm. The ribbon cutting ceremony with speeches will take place on the Babraham Cycleway at 2.15pm. Tea, coffee, and cake will follow at Whittlesford Memorial Hall from 2.45pm. Please RSVP directly to transport.delivery@cambridgeshire.gov.uk


City Deal

City Access Congestion Reduction Proposals: Consultation Responses and Next Steps

The City Access consultation will be considered at the upcoming City City Deal Assembly (18 Jan) and City Deal Board (25 Jan) meetings. A number of recommendations will be made regarding the 8 points of the City Access plan:

  • Physical demand management (e.g. congestion control points or congestion charging)
  • Workplace parking levy
  • On street parking controls
  • Improved public space and air quality
  • Better bus services and expanded park and ride
  • Better pedestrian and cycling infrastructure
  • Travel planning
  • Smart technology

You can read the recommendations in the City Deal agenda report and discuss them on Cyclescape 2586


Urban and Environmental Design Guidance

The City Deal Board and Assembly are scheduled to approve an updated design guide at their meetings in March. We are still very concerned about this guide as the previous version was so appalling. We have yet to see the latest version but we are now discussing pre-emptive activities we can undertake now to ensure that a suitable guide is presented or to ensure that an unsuitable guide is not adopted. Join us on Cyclescape 2583.


Keep up with the City Deal through forward plans

The City Deal regularly update their forward plan. Keeping an eye on this plan is the best way to know what will be coming up in 2017. We will post the latest versions of the forward plan to Cyclescape as they become available. Find the first version for 2017 on Cyclescape 2945.


Cycle route between Horningsea and Waterbeach

A group of campaigners is planning a campaign to get a safe cycle route between Waterbeach and Horningsea along the B1047. If you would like to get involved you can email Bert Santilly (bert@santilly.co.uk) or join the discussion on Cyclescape 2940.


Better cycling at the Science Park

How can the Science Park be made better for walking and cycling? Share your thoughts at Cyclescape 2942.


Upcoming events

See our campaign diary online.

12 January 7 pm: East Area Committee Meeting – Cherry Trees Day Centre

16 January 7 pm: South Area Committee Meeting – Cherry Hinton Village Leisure Centre

17 January 12:00 – 14:00: Hills Road consultation – Addenbrooke's Concourse

18 January 2017 10:30 am: Joint Development Control Committee – Consideration of Local Centre Phase Trumpington Meadows Development Site Hauxton Road Cambridge Cambridgeshire Reserved Matters planning application – Guildhall

18 January 2 pm: City Deal Assembly Meeting – City Access Congestion Reduction Proposals: Consultation Responses and Next Steps – Guildhall

24 January 4.30 pm: Cambridge City Joint Area Committee Meeting – Two-way cycling – Shire Hall (Proposed, to be confirmed)

25 January 4 pm: City Deal Board Meeting – City Access Congestion Reduction Proposals: Consultation Responses and Next Steps – South Cambridgeshire Hall

26 January 17:30 – 19:30: Hills Road consultation – St John the Evangelist's Church

7 February 7:30 pm: Monthly Meeting – We will be following up on the last monthly meeting with a workshop on our Campaigning priorities and our values as a campaigning organisation.

16 February: Chisholm Trail bridge application determined by County Council Planning Committee

15 March: Determination of Chisholm Trail planning application, at Joint Development Control Committee (probable date)


In the News

Don't forget to read Robin Heydon's latest cycling column in the Cambridge News. http://www.cambridge-news.co.uk/all-about/cycling


Using Cyclescape

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