Camcycle welcomes Phase 2 plans for Hills Road

Camcycle welcomes the publication of the detailed plans for Hills Road phase 2 and the timetable for the work. Phase 1 has seen a massive increase in cycling on Hills Road despite the hazardous junction at Long Road and poor connection to the Hospital site. We hope that the missing link will boost the numbers of people using bikes to get to and from Addenbrookes and the Biomedical campus as well as giving local residents a better route into the city centre.

We hope that the Phase 2 works will be completed in a timely manner avoiding the lengthy delays that plagued Phase 1. Careful consideration will need to be given to ensuring safety for people on bicycles during the works. We understand that disruption is unavoidable but needed to deliver a layout that is better for pedestrians, bus users and people cycling.

More information about consultation events here:

Phase 1 segregated cycleways have made it safer to cycle on Hills Road. Photo: M Danish