Weekly update – 6th January

Happy New Year!!

Thanks to our members who attended our monthly meeting on Tuesday. At this well-attended meeting, we workshopped ways to improve the volunteer experience for those who help us in our work. We now have some great ideas and we are optimistic about a great 2017!

In our update this week:

  • Photo of the week
  • Trumpington Road Cycleway work begins
  • APPCG Inquiry 'Cycling and the Justice System'
  • Meeting to identify issues with CB1 development
  • Dangerous Junction at Great Northern Road
  • Latest dates for Chisholm Trail
  • New year's resolutions? Here is how you can get involved
  • Events
  • In the news

Photo of the weeksocial

This week's photo, taken by Simon Nuttall, is from our Seasonal Social on 19 December. The event was a great success, perhaps with the biggest ever turnout for one of our socials. It was great to see some new faces there and there was a very positive energy about what Camcycle can achieve in 2017.

We're always looking for more suggestions for locations for our Campaign Socials. Please get in touch if you have an idea or would like to help organise. Cyclescape 802


Trumpington Road cycleway work begins

Construction on improving foot and cycleways on Trumpington Road in Cambridge is planned to start on 9 January 2017. The new facilities will be on the outbound side of the road between The Fen Causeway and Brooklands Avenue and should be completed by summer 2017.

You can find out more on the County Council website: http://www4.cambridgeshire.gov.uk/trumpington-road


APPCG Inquiry 'Cycling and the Justice System'

The All Party Parliamentary Cycling Group (APPCG) is conducting an inquiry into 'Cycling and the Justice System’ and are seeking the views and experiences of cycling organisations, government departments and ministers and members of the general public on whether the current judicial system is serving all cyclists.

The APPCG is calling for cyclists who have been involved in road traffic incidents, or friends and families who have sought justice in their absence, to participate in their public inquiry.

We encourage individual responses to be made directly to the inquiry and also your contributions to our response which we are discussing on Cyclescape 2913.

Find out more on our blog or the APPCG site: https://allpartycycling.org/inquiries/justice/


Meeting to identify issues with CB1 development

We are concerned about the many issues with the CB1 Station development. Action must be taken soon to push for change before further development makes this impossible. We will be conducting a survey of the area to collect the issues with the intention of using this list to seek rectification from the developers.

Join us at 11 am, Saturday, 7 January 2017 at the entrance to the Cyclepoint cycle parking.

You can also share your concerns about the station development on Cyclescape 2919.


Dangerous Junction at Great Northern Road

The junction of Great Northern Road and Tenison Road is on a key route for access to the station and has high traffic volumes. It has been poorly designed for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers. Camcycle is not the only organisation with concerns about this junction.

We will be working with local resident Nicky Massey who has launched a petition for improvements to the junction and you can also share your concerns on Cyclescape 2918.


Latest dates for Chisholm Trail

We've had yet another update and change of plans for the Chisholm Trail. The latest news is that the planning application for the Abbey-Chesterton bridge will be determined on 16 February by the City Council Planning Committee. The Phase One Chisholm Trail application will now be determined by the Joint Development Control Committee, the probable date is 15 March.

You can keep informed with the latest Chisholm Trail news at Cyclescape 832.


New year's resolutions? Here is how you can get involved


There are lots of plans already being formulated for 2017 campaigning. Would you like to be involved?

Naming Names

At the Camcycle AGM 2016, it was suggested that we should try to get cycleways named as a means of recognising them officially, in particular for ensuring they are on emergency service databases. David Earl is taking the lead on this issue and is looking for input from our members. What cycleways do you think should have a name? What names do you think would be suited for Cambridge cycleways? Cyclescape 2891

Street Cycle Parking

Following the passing of the Street Cycle Parking motion at the AGM we are now forming a subgroup to work on this campaign for replacing on-street car parking with cycle parking. Would you like to be involved? What locations do you think have potential for street cycle parking? Cyclescape 2876

Mayoral and Council Elections

We are planning to have hustings events and our usual election survey. Please start thinking about what questions you would like to ask the mayoral and local candidates. What other ideas do you have to ensure cycling is on the agenda for 2017 elections? Cyclescape 2871

Projects and volunteering opportunities

Reach RideReach Ride

Plans for the Reach Ride have started. We will be looking for volunteers to marshal on the day and also to help with some of the organising and promotion. We would also like to know if there is interest in another round of Camcycle T-shirts in time for the Ride. Cyclescape 2718

Merchandise to promote the Campaign

Now that we have our new branding we have started to produce merchandise to promote and raise funds for our Campaign. Our badges and greeting cards have been selling really well and we have given away many new mudguard stickers. What do you think we should create next? Cyclescape 1894

We are also looking for volunteers to approach local businesses that may be interested in stocking our greeting cards. Please reply to this email if you can help or if you know of a business we should approach.

Newsletter layout editor

Our newsletter has had some big changes in 2016 both in appearance and the editing process. Unfortunately, our layout editor/designer has moved away from Cambridge and we are looking for one or more volunteers with the right skills to keep up the great work in 2017. Can you help or do you know someone who can? Please reply to this email.


Upcoming events

See our campaign diary online.

7 January 11 am: Site meeting to assess issues with CB1 development

12 January 7 pm: East Area Committee Meetings

20 January 3 pm: Great Northern Road Meeting with Highways, Council & developers. George Pateman Close meeting rooms.

7 February 7:30 pm: Monthly Meeting

16 February: Chisholm Trail bridge application determined by County Council Planning Committee

15 March: Determination of Chisholm Trail planning application, at Joint Development Control Committee (probable date)


In the News

Don't forget to read Robin Heydon's latest cycling column in the Cambridge News. http://www.cambridge-news.co.uk/all-about/cycling


Using Cyclescape

If you are having issues accessing the Cyclescape discussions please see the guidance here. Existing Camcycle members will need to register for Cyclescape the first time they use it.