January 2017 Monthly Meeting

Our first monthly meeting of 2017 will be 3 January at the usual time and place 7.30pm for an 8pm start and Friends Meeting House, Jesus Lane.

In this meeting we will work together to determine 'How do we best structure Camcycle to support and encourage volunteer activity?&#39

This will be a workshop-style meeting, chaired by our Vice-Chair, Hester Wells.

Issues we will workshop:

  • Should the trustees be the same thing as the committee? If not, what structure should each take, and what is communication between them?
  • Can we engage more active volunteers by having area sub-groups? If communication offline becomes more common, how do we communicate between sub-groups and the wider campaign, and ensure we are operating as one organisation?
  • Where other local cycling groups appear, to what extent do we want to fold them into Camcycle and how? How can we support other local cycle groups campaigning on a single issue/area that we cannot give so much focus to?

Please let us know if you have any other suggestions for discussion.

Given the date this may be a sparse meeting. If not many people turn up we will move to The Maypole early, but will continue to discuss the topic of the meeting in a more informal setting.