AGM Motion – On-Street Cycle Parking

The following motion has been submitted by Camcycle member, Simon Nuttall, which we will vote on at our upcoming AGM.

Motion for Camcycle AGM 2016: Street Cycle Parking

Providing secure places to park bicycles is a simple and effective way to encourage cycling by making people on bikes feel welcome. In some areas of Cambridge residents have got used to all the spare street space being allocated to the storage of motor vehicles and very little for bikes. The result has been badly parked bikes cluttering hallways, clinging to drainpipes and other street furniture. The experience on Thoday Street where some on-carriageway racks have been installed is a good example of how the problem can be addressed.

Camcycle resolves to:
1. Champion the replacement of on street car parking with cycle parking where it is clearly needed
2. Identify streets where this should and can be achieved
3. Work with local councillors to survey demand
4. Where there is sufficient local support work with local councillors to prepare proposals for funding. For example, from the Local Highways Improvement fund.