Our response to Taxi Licensing consultation

We have responded to the City Council consultation on their revised taxi licensing policy.

We recommended that the Taxi and Private Hire licensing proficiency requirement be extended in the following ways:

  • All new drivers of taxis and private hire vehicles should be required to complete a JAUPT approved, certified Safe Urban Driving course. Those courses are now available in Cam- bridge, and are specifically designed to increase awareness of vulnerable road users
  • If a driver is identified in a complaint, and if Licensing and Enforcement is reasonably confident that the complaint is not spurious — yet not serious enough to warrant confiscation of licence — then that driver should at least be required to complete a Safe Urban Driving course within six weeks or else lose his or her licence.
  • In addition to the DVSA taxi driving assessment test, Licensing and Enforcement should administer a knowledge test about the sections of the Highway Code relevant to driving in the presence of people cycling and walking.
  • All drivers should be required to learn about any new and relevant regulations, such as those for the parallel cycle and pedestrian Zebra crossings that are being installed now in Cambridge.

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