Weekly update – 3rd June

  • Newsletter 126 ready
  • The future of our Newsletter
  • Cycling Cities Infrastructure Evening, Tuesday 7th June
  • July Monthly Meeting – City Deal special
  • Campaigning updates
  • Consultations we are working on
  • CycleHack Cambridge
  • Help the Campaign

Newsletter 126

The June/July Camcycle newsletter, number 126, is ready.

A paper copy is on its way to members (if you don't need a paper copy and can read the newsletter on the web, please let us know).

Topics include

  • Congestion charging
  • City council elections and PCC hustings reports
  • The 10th Reach Ride
  • Cambridge University car and cycle parking
  • Logistics at its best
  • Cycling Italy
  • London 'Cycle Superhighways'
  • FollowMe tandem review
  • A1307: a more sustainable and systematic approach?
  • Huntingdon Road – second phase


Help set the future direction of our Newsletter

Newsletter meeting Wednesday 8th June at 5.45pm in Grads Café on the 3rd floor of the University Centre, Mill Lane. Following the rebranding of our Campaign, we are now planning the future direction of our Newsletter. We invite those who are interested in sharing their ideas to join us. It is important to us that we hear the views of our members. If you can't attend please email contact@camcycle.org.uk to share your ideas or contribute to our Newsletter production thread on Cyclescape.


Cycling Cities Infrastructure Evening

On Tuesday 7 June Camcycle is partnering with the county council's Cycling Projects Team led by Mike Davies to provide a Cycling Cities Infrastructure Evening, held in lieu of the usual monthly meeting at 7:30pm at the Friends' Meeting House on Jesus Lane.

There will be the opportunity to hear from representatives from London, Newcastle, Birmingham and Cambridge local authorities about what they are doing for cycling in their cities, and for questions and discussion. Officers from other cities including Norwich and Manchester will also be there. The event will be followed by further discussion in the Maypole pub.


July Monthly Meeting – City Deal Special

Our monthly meeting on Tuesday 5 July will include an update on the Greater Cambridge City Deal. Join us at 7:30 for an 8pm start at the Friends' Meeting House.


Campaigning Updates

Greater Cambridge City Deal Updates

We attended and spoke at the City Deal Assembly meeting yesterday where members agreed on a number of recommendations for the City Deal Board. You can get a quick summary of the recommendations and decisions from the City Deal website. (See printed decisions)

Greater Cambridge City Deal Urban Design Guide press release

We have issued a press release about the Urban and Environment Design Guide which is an appalling document which lacks the aspiration we expect for Cambridge. We have also sent an FOI request to find out how such a document could have come about without consultation. We spoke against this guide at the Assembly meeting and are pleased that the Assembly agreed that the Guide needed significant improvements. Further discussions are on this Cyclescape thread.


Consultations we are working on:

Proposals for Water Street and Fen Road

New student accommodation at Christ’s College on King Street: This development may place increased pressure on already limited on-street cycle parking in the area and there are no plans in this application to increase the provision.

Biomedical Campus. Phase 2. South of Dame Mary Archer Way: There have been new documents released on this application that have implications for cycling

Romsey Labour Club Student accommodation development: We've objected to this proposed development. You can read our objection on our blog.


Cyclehack Cambridge

Join us as we design, prototype and make our cycling ideas come to life within 48 hours. Friday 24 – Sunday 26 June at Anglia Ruskin University, East Road, Cambridge. Register and find out more on the CycleHack Cambridge website.


Help us campaign

We are trying to make it easier for people to volunteer for the campaign. Please subscribe to our Volunteering thread on Cyclescape to be notified of quick, one-off volunteering jobs, or send an email to contact@camcycle.org.uk to discuss volunteering opportunities.