Our objection to Mill Road Romsey Labour Club redevelopment

We have placed a formal objection to the proposed redevelopment of the old Romsey Labour Club on the junction of Mill Road and Coleridge Road. We object to the design of the cycle parking, in particular the access down steps to the parking in the basement. We feel the staff at the proposed nursery should have separate, secure, parking. We would like there to be suitable parking for parents dropping off and picking up kids from the nursery using cargo bikes and trikes or trailers- hardly an uncommon site around the city.

We also feel that the Transport Assessment prepared by TPA Cambridge is deeply flawed. It describes Mill Road as wide, which seems a little odd. It also gets the speed limit wrong- Mill Road was made 20mph well in advance of the rest of the east of the city. There are numerous other assertions in it that we believe are flawed.

We would encourage members, especially those local, to submit their own objections by Wednesday 22nd June.

Our Objection: Camcycle objection to 16:0821: FUL Mill Road Labour Club

Read the planning application here.