Weekly Update – 10th June – City Deal decisions

Thanks for reading our weekly update. This week we share the decisions made by the City Deal Board at their meeting on the 9th June.

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City Deal Updates

The City Deal Executive Board met on the 9th of June to decide on recommendations for a number of projects with implications for cycling. These decisions have been copied below. You can read more about the meeting on the City Deal website.

City Centre Access and Capacity

AGREED the policy approach for a congestion reduction package, incorporating:

  • better bus services and expanded usage of Park and Rides;
  • better pedestrian and cycling infrastructure;
  • better streetscape and public realm;
  • peak congestion control points in the weekday morning and evening peak periods;
  • a workplace parking levy;
  • on-street parking controls (including residents’ parking)
  • smart technology;
  • travel planning.

Histon Road

AGREED to take forward for further design work the initial ideas included in the ‘Do Maximum’ option, excluding the idea of banning the right turn into Warwick Road and the idea of ‘floating’ bus stops, to develop two preferred design options, one including and one excluding the changes at the Victoria Road junction’.

Cross-City Cycling Routes

INCREASED the funding allocated to the schemes due to the expansion of scope.

AGREED to continue localised discussions over trees, hedges and boundaries.

APPROVED implementation of all five schemes, subject to a few minor changes and areas where some further consultation is required, as pert the summary table set out in the report.

(You can join discussions about the cross-city routes with the following links:
Green End Road, Arbury Road, Hills Road, Fulbourn/Cherry Hinton Eastern Access, Ditton Lane)

Milton Road

AGREED to take forward the initial ideas in the ‘Do Something’ option for further design work including the Union Lane closure and Elizabeth Way roundabout ideas and ‘floating bus stops’, where highway space permitted, but excluding the ideas for banned turns at the Gilbert Road, Arbury Road and King’s Hedges Road junctions.

AGREED to consider major changes to the highway layout at the Mitcham’s Corner junction for implementation as part of the ongoing tranche 2 prioritisation work.



A10 Cycleway – Cambridge to Royston

APPROVED the use of £550,000 of City Deal funding to complete the link.

Urban and Environmental Design Guidance

REQUESTED the improvement of the City Deal Urban and Environmental Design Guidance document.

REQUIRED that the document is proactively used and reference by project managers during the development of relevant City Deal transport projects.

REQUESTED that the document is updated periodically to reflect any significant changes in highway and planning design policy.

REQUESTED that officers investigate the process of all future City Deal schemes being considered by the Cambridgeshire Quality Design Panel.

REQUESTED that officers investigate the introduction of a facility that invites members of the public to provide photographs of aspirational ideas and ideas to be avoided for a website-based montage.



'Route Vegetable' cycle ride – 11th June


Join Transition Cambridge for Route Vegetable, a leisurely-paced cycling tour of a selection of Cambridge Growing Spaces. The group will visit small and larger spaces, older or recently created ones, and will hear from the people who tend them. Starting at Anglia Ruskin University, the tour will take you up to Norfolk Street and then north of the River for a variety of spaces, ending at the Daily Bread raised beds – which will also a be chance to stop and pick up a cuppa and slice of cake if you fancy.

Total cycle distance: 3.5 miles (plus return)
Meet at 1pm at Anglia Ruskin University entrance on COLLIER Road (you can lock your bike to bike racks there)

Cambridge Growing Spaces is a Transition Cambridge project. The project aims to reclaim unloved and underused public spaces around the city of Cambridge and transform them using edible landscaping.

There is a facebook event for it where people can register their interest:

Consultations we are working on

Mill Road Depot Draft SPD

The Mill Road Depot Draft Planning and Development Brief SPD is now open for consultation. Consultation closes on the 15th July, read more on the City Council website.

Water Street access to Haling Way

There is a proposal to make changes in this area with implications for cycling.

Upcoming events

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24-26th June – CycleHack Cambridge: Find out more and register online.

5th July – Monthly Meeting: We are planning a City Deal Special. Details to be announced.

In the News

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