Weekly update – 11th March

Welcome to our new and improved weekly update. We have some new features and will be updating the style of our weekly updates over the next few weeks. Please email with any feedback to help us improve.

Mill Road Co-op forecourt refurbishment

Cambridge City Council has launched their Mill Road Co-op forecourt refurbishment consultation. We support improving this area however we have concerns about the proposal to potentially reduce the amount of cycle parking. We’ll be investigating opportunities to maintain or increase the cycle parking in this area.

How will Sainsbury’s service their new store on Mill Road?

Sainsbury’s will soon be opening a new store in a location that we believe will be difficult for it to service legally and appropriately. 

We’ve written a letter to the agents for the new Sainsbury’s on Mill Road outlining our concern that deliveries by lorry to the new store may cause problems for other road users and have asked them to explain the procedures they will put in place to ensure deliveries are undertaken legally and without causing problems for other road and pavement users.

Cyclepoint signage

We are working with Abellio Greater Anglia and the City Council to get better signage at the Cyclepoint, in particular for the ground floor where normal cycles are currently parked in areas reserved for cargo bikes, tricycles and and those less able to use the other racks.

Third attempt for West’s Garage site

Developers are making a third attempt to get their plans for the West’s Garage site on Newmarket Road through. We still have serious concerns about cycling access to the site.

Severn Place FOI

We’ve had a response to our FOI request which asked for  background information about how the County Council came to their policy view on the Severn Place development. We’re now assessing this to see if the County have sufficiently challenged developers.

Planning application for Biomedical Campus Phase 2

We’re reviewing the very large planning application for phase 2 of the Biomedical campus. It’s a big piece of work so we welcome insights from our members to help guide our response.

In the News

This week Robin writes about islands. Sorry, not the ones we dream about for holidays. Nope, he is talking about bus stop islands.

Last weekend we joined Outspoken at the WOW (Women of the World) Festival. In addition to our stall, Catherine, Head Mechanic for Outspoken Cycles, gave puncture repair demonstrations and Roxanne gave a presentation about women and cycling in Cambridge. We were interviewed by Cambridge News.

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