Sainsbury’s: will you be blocking Mill Road like Tesco proposed?

We've written an open letter to Sainsbury's, asking them how they plan to deliver to their new store on Mill Road, opening this week.

Sainsbury’s has chosen to open a store in a location that we believe will be difficult for it to service legally and appropriately.

When Tesco proposed a much more intensive use of its new premises at 163-167 Mill Road, we and many others objected, on the grounds that Tesco were proposing to deliver from on Mill Road, stopping lorries in the main carriageway for 41 minutes, twice a day. This was thrown out by both the City Council and at a subsequent planning inquiry.

The new Sainsbury’s store has the same issues, with the lack of any delivery bay, and it is of course illegal to drive on the pavement, or for a lorry to unload on the pavement. Furthermore, Tenison Road, the nearest side street, has yellow lines and a ‘No loading at any time’ restriction. We are concerned that the same kind of issues which we fought against with Tesco will arise with the new store.

Example: Pizza Hut, Mill Road: