Perne Road/Radegund Road roundabout

Cambridgeshire County Council is proposing to alter the Perne Road, Radegund Road and Birdwood Road roundabout—you can read more about their proposals here. We understand that the proposals change the geometry of the roundabout to a design that meets Dutch (CROW 25) standards. We welcome these changes, subject to our detailed recommendations being met, and believe that the scheme will offer significant benefits to cyclists coming from all directions.

We have considerable reservations about the off-road path, as we do not favour unsegregated shared-use provision. We believe that it is generally preferable to separate cyclists and pedestrians. However, we are told that in the earlier consultation there were requests for off-road provision and that the local schools support this.

We think that this scheme is an opportunity to demonstrate that roundabouts built to Dutch geometry will work in the UK, and they will perform safely and efficiently. This will make it easier to get improvements at junctions like the Sainsbury’s roundabout where there is both the space and the need to put in a segregated path around the perimeter. We are very keen to see a scheme brought forward that applies the comprehensive Dutch model, at an appropriate location, as soon as circumstances permit.

Our full response has been sent to the County Council.