Improve Nuffield Road and Green End Road

Petition to reduce the number of heavy goods vehicles on Nuffield Road and Green End Road.

HGV on Nuffield Road

We ask the County Council for a 300m section of the busway planned between Milton Road and the pedestrian and cyclist access at the end of Nuffield Close to be built as a road, providing a more direct access for lorries and cars to the trading estate.

HGV and traffic on Nuffield Road

Nuffield Road’s residential section should then be cut-off for motorised through traffic just past the proposed cycle and pedestrian access to the Science Park Station.

View of busway site

The plans for the Science Park Station include a new access route for pedestrians, cyclists and buses to be built on the old railway track, just north of the industrial and trading estate on Nuffield Road. Using just the first 300 m of this to link the trading estate more directly to Milton Road would reduce heavy commercial traffic running past the doctors’ surgery and Shirley School and on Green End Road. This would also reduce accidents at the mini-roundabouts.

This petition is supported by the Old Chesterton Residents’ Association, the Fen Estate and Nuffield Road Residents’ Association, the VIE Residents’ Association and Cambridge Cycling Campaign.

Please add your name to the County Council's petition website at and please share the link.

Map of Nuffield Road and Science Park Station area