Using the Bicycle as added Marketing Value

Zizzi bicycleThe bicycle is regularly used in Cambridge as a way to market things. This is a very obvious thing to do as there are so many people who can identify with the images of people on bicycles.

Major housing projects have pictures of sit-up-and-beg bicycles with baskets decorated with flowers. Companies advertise jobs mentioning their location and even their proximity to major cycleways. Estate agents advertise houses with reference to how quickly you can cycle to the train station.

Yet sometimes companies take it too far. Take for example Zizzi, a restaurant on Bene’t Street. They suggest that their restaurant has been "Inspired by the huge cycling community”.

How can that be? They don’t provide any cycle parking for their restaurant. They don’t advertise that there is a secure cycle park nearby. They don’t even offer to give you directions to the restaurant for those using a bicycle. They do obviously give you directions for those in a car (not to the nearest public car park, but to the front of the building where you can't park a car legally), and those wanting to walk or use public transport.

But a restaurant that is "inspired by the huge cycling community" can’t even be bothered to tell you how to cycle there. Even though cycling from this authors home to the restaurant is 10 minutes quicker than taking the bus !!! They are trying to waste my time as well as my money?

Please, marketing people of Cambridge, if you claim to be cycling friendly, we’d like to see what you actually do to help people to use their bicycles. Give directions to your place using a bicycle. Tell us where the best cycleways to your place are. Tell us how many hundreds of secure cycle parking spaces are nearby. But don’t say you’re cycling friendly and then promote illegal car parking in front of your building.