Sustainable Travel Zone member survey 2023

Many thanks to the 200+ members who responded to our initial survey on the proposals for a Sustainable Travel Zone in Cambridge, which we ran in October 2022 before the Greater Cambridge Partnership (GCP) launched their Making Connections consultation

Our survey showed that 88% of Camcycle members supported the principle of a Sustainable Travel Zone (69% were in strong support); 6% were opposed and another 6% weren’t sure.
Read a summary of the responses on page 24 of our Winter 2022 magazine.

Your feedback informed Camcycle’s formal position on the Sustainable Travel Zone proposals, which is that the organisation supports the key principles of the Sustainable Travel Zone package of proposals: we believe a road charge is necessary to fund public transport, invest in walking and cycling and reduce traffic levels to free up road space for sustainable travel modes. We believe, however, that the details of the proposals need to be adjusted and refined to ensure they meet the needs of the communities they intend to serve.

Your views also guided our response to the GCP’s Making Connections consultation. 

The Sustainable Travel Zone proposals have remained a hot topic of discussion since our initial survey. Many of our members will have submitted their own responses to the GCP’s consultation. Camcycle will need to be prepared to respond to the GCP’s report on the Making Connections consultation, which is due to be published on 26 May. The Cambridgeshire Sustainable Travel Alliance’s website includes a possible timeline of next steps.

We are therefore keen to check in with our members again and find out about their current views to further shape our position and campaigning on this issue. We are a democratic organisation and your thoughts are greatly valued. Thank you for your time.