STZ member survey – September 2023

The Greater Cambridge Partnership have published revised proposals for a Sustainable Travel Zone in Cambridge. You can read more about the proposals in this blog.

Camcycle originally supported the key principles of the Sustainable Travel Zone package as we believe road pricing is necessary to fund public transport, invest in walking and cycling and reduce traffic levels to free up road space for sustainable travel modes. We have carried out two previous surveys on the Sustainable Travel Zone over the last year in which a majority of members supported this position.

The revised proposals reduce sustainable transport funding by 64% and fail to reduce motor vehicle journeys by 50% as originally estimated; therefore they would have a positive but significantly-reduced impact on delivering safe, attractive and convenient alternatives to driving.

Proposed position: September 2023

Making Connections diagramWe believe it is right to continue to support the scheme, while campaigning hard for the other aspects of the Making Connections strategy (see diagram) along with supplementary measures to reduce traffic and generate income for sustainable modes. These could include a Workplace Parking Levy or tourist tax.

If the Sustainable Travel Zone proposals were to be watered down further (or dropped altogether), the need for a suite of alternatives would be even more pressing. Inaction will not address the urgent issues of our growing region including health, pollution, road safety and carbon emissions. Better cycling must be part of the solution.

As a democratic organisation, the thoughts of our members are greatly valued. Thank you for your time in completing this short survey.