Initial statement on proposals for a Sustainable Travel Zone

Camcycle supports proposals for a Sustainable Travel Zone in Cambridge. Reducing car journeys* by 50% would be a positive step towards a city and region that is focused on people, rebalancing our streets in favour of sustainable transport choices that will protect local communities now and in the future.

A majority of residents would like to see more investment in public transport and active travel, but our region isn’t getting enough money to deliver the high-quality routes we need. The Greater Cambridge Partnership’s scheme would unlock consistent funding which can be used to provide better routes, both within the city and across the whole county.

Research also shows that the biggest barriers to cycling are concerns about safety – with fewer cars on the road and more space for protected cycle lanes and safer junctions, more people can choose to ride for their daily journeys.

With 45% of our region’s carbon emissions coming from transport, urgent action is needed to provide alternatives to the car. Camcycle believes a Sustainable Travel Zone could support local residents as they work together to create a sustainable and resilient city and region for the years to come.

*This statement was edited on Friday 7 October to correct this statistic (originating from the Greater Cambridge Partnership). It originally read ‘motor traffic’.