Training: Better Cycling For Adults

Two linked day-schools, 26 October and 16 November 1996, 10-4.30, Long Road Sixth Form College, Cambridge

These day-schools, organised by Cambridge Cycling Campaign and supported by the Cycle Friendly Employers Scheme, are for anyone over 16 who can ride a bike and wants to cycle with more confidence, pleasure and safety, in and around Cambridge. You do not even need to own a bike – you can hire one if you book in advance. The training will be conducted by two trainers from York City Council, assisted by members of the Cycling Campaign.

The aims of the course are to give people an opportunity to:

  • get to know their bike
  • make sure their basic cycling skills are sound
  • explore ways of feeling safer and more confident on the road
  • learn some more advanced cycling techniques
  • find out about their rights as a road user

Content: the morning session on the first day will concentrate on the bicycle itself, on making it safe and comfortable to ride, and keeping it that way. We will look at:

  • choosing a good bike that fits and suits you
  • saddle and handlebar positions
  • adjusting brakes and gears
  • changing tyres and mending punctures
  • routine maintenance

The afternoon session will deal with basic riding skills and habits:

  • starting off safely and efficiently
  • riding along, straight and at a good pedalling rate
  • turning
  • riding with one hand, signalling, and looking behind
  • avoiding obstacles
  • stopping under control and in an emergency

On the second morning we’ll look at sharing the road with motor traffic and other users:

  • a good position on the road
  • observation, and being seen
  • overtaking
  • junctions
  • avoiding hazards
  • getting out of trouble

The final session will cover some more difficult manoeuvres, such as:

  • what to do at roundabouts
  • negotiating complex junctions
  • dealing with road-works and diversions

and will include a general discussion.

Each session will start off in the classroom, and then move outside for practical work. The first day we will stay on the college premises, but on the second day we will move out onto public roads.

Everyone who completes the course successfully can get a Safer Cyclist Certificate.

Drinks will be available from a machine, but please bring lunch.

Also available on-line:

To find out more about the course, please get in touch with Debby on Cambridge 316101.