Training: Better Cycling For Adults

26 October and 16 November 1996
10:00 – 4:30
Long Road Sixth Form College, Cambridge

Also available on-line:




Days booked: Both / 26th October / 16th November
Do you need to hire a bike? Yes / No
Frame size (if known) or your height
Model: Ladies / Gents

Cost (please circle appropriate items)

full booking fee:

two days (£20)
one day (£15)

discount fee: (unwaged/Campaign member)

two days (£16)
one day (£12)

bike hire

two days (£12)
one day (£6)

Total £

Please return this form with full payment (payable to Cambridge Cycling Campaign) by 19 October to:

Debby Banham
45 Malcolm Place, King Street, Cambridge, CB1 1LS