Information on cycling in particular streets

Many people find the rules about where you can and can’t cycle confusing. This page provides information on particular streets of note.

City Centre area

Trinity Street

Trinity Street: download and print this letter from the Council, received following a newsletter article on the matter.

Sidney Street and St Andrew’s Street

Quite a few people, including one Cycling Campaign committee member, have been stopped by police when riding southbound (that is, towards Emmanuel Street) in the section of Sidney Street past Boots and in St Andrew’s Street past the main Post Office

The Police are incorrect to do this. Individual officers do not understand the rules. Cycling is permitted in both directions in these streets (and, since the lifting of the cycle ban, at all times). If you are stopped here, please take the officer’s name or number and contact us and complain to the Chief Constable.

(The section of Sidney Street north of Market Hill is one-way, northbound only, so you should not be cycling in this street heading away from Jesus Lane).

Other streets

Please contact us if there are any streets upon which you believe there is an particular need for clarification, but if it is central, check to see if it is covered by the City Centre page first.