Trinity Street

This article was published in 1998, in Newsletter 16.

Photo of Trinity Street (13k)
Trinity Street is a through route for cyclists heading towards King’s Parade, official.

Several members and non-members have recently told us that they have been receiving very hostile reactions from some pedestrians (well, probably motorists who have got out of their cars) when cycling along St John’s Street and Trinity Street, to the extent of being physically stopped and threatened with assault.

Therefore in December we wrote to the County Council asking if they would

  • write back confirming that it is indeed allowed to ride southwards in these streets (not that we were in any doubt, we just wanted it in writing), and
  • consider putting some very small signs up, just so that you would have something to point to in case you were in fear of your life.

The reply is enclosed with this newsletter. As you can see the request for signs fell on stony ground, as any proposal for signing in this area always does. However, the letter is useful evidence, so we have reproduced it so that, if you fold it in four, it is credit card size and can be carried in a wallet or purse, but is still big enough to be readable. We’ll also have copies on the stall if you should need one – feel free to direct obstreperous shoppers in that direction on a Saturday.

I hope you don’t need to use the letter, but, if you do, I hope that it is helpful. Please do let us know if you have been or are involved in any incident along here (including verbal abuse).

Dave Earl