Insurance for cyclists

Sadly, cycle theft is all too common in the Cambridge area. It makes sense to insure your bike, but even more sense to prevent it from being stolen in the first place. You may also want to protect yourself from claims made against you: third-party liability insurance. This page offers some advice on these subjects.

Some more general information may be of interest:

Cycle security

The headline advice is to prevent bike theft is: own and use a good quality U-lock.

Read our more comprehensive information leaflet on cycle security and printable leaflet on Keeping your bicycle safe.

Should you be unlucky enough to have your bike stolen, please read our page on what do do in case of cycle theft.

Theft insurance

The most economical way of insuring a cycle against theft is through household insurance policies. When comparing policies, consider:

  • whether a bike is covered new-for-old (this is rare, but there are a few that do; insurance companies don’t always make it easy to find out)
  • especially if your bike is valuable, whether there is an upper limit on the value of the bike insured (often, this is £500)
  • some companies insure all bkes in a household based on the most valuable rather than the total value of all of them, so if you have several bikes this can make the extra premium more economical

Though anyone can take out a CycleCover policy with Butterworth Insurance, members of Cycling UK and London Cycling Campaign can obtain a discount, though even this is usually a more expensive option than household insurance.

See also a more comprehensive newsletter article The sweeter aspect of the sorrow of parting from 1998, which though written some years ago, still contains current information.

Third-party liability insurance

Third-party liability insurance covers you should a claim be made against you in the event of damage or personal injury you are found to have caused.

Most household policies cover you automatically for some third-party claims. It is likely that this includes the use of a bicycle, but you should check the exact wording to be sure.

Membership of a major cycling organization, such as Cycling UK, British Cycling or London Cycling Campaign also includes third-party liability insurance as a benefit.

Cambridge Cycling Campaign used to offer this as a paid-for extra for members, but sadly this became impossible to continue with, so we regret that we cannot no longer offer this.