Cambridge Cycle Parking Guide

Section 4: Making it a reality

Cycles near a gate
Cycle parking in a heritate area

4.1 Where do I get it from?

A list of suppliers is included with this guide and available on our website at:

4.2 How much will it cost?

The cost of providing cycle parking varies enormously depending on the quality of provision. Most of the cost goes into the enclosure. Simple, open stands are very cheap.

Element Approx cost £/bike
Excludes VAT
Materials Installation
Open Sheffield stands £15 – £65 £50
Wall loop (domestic) £12 Self fix
Linked “toast rack” stands £50 £15
Cycle Lockers £600 – £800 £225
Proprietary open cycle shelter
(excluding racks, including foundations)
£100 – £350 £120 – £175
Proprietary lockable cycle shelter
(excluding racks, including foundations)
£250 – £1000 £220
Bespoke shelter Seek expert advice
Cost of re-paving £75 – £150
Cycle track access. 3m wide £100 – £200 per metre of track

Prices are based on estimates made in September 2008

4.3 Can I get a grant?

Cambridge Travel for Work offer grants of up to 50% of the value of new cycle parking facilities for Cambridgeshire employers. See: Other grant schemes may exist.

Cyclist in town