Cycle parking

Cycle Parking Guide

Cycle Parking Guide

Our Cycle Parking Guide is available for browsing or download.

Please contact us if you would like a printed copy.

Cycle Parks in Cambridge

Also, as part of the whole station area redevelopment, a new cycle park at the Railway Station has been constructed. This accommodates nearly 3,000 bikes and was officially opened in June 2016. (The previous open air stands took about 850 and were almost always completely full.)

Street Parking

We are presently campaigning for more cycle parking in residential streets.

There are hundreds of street parking spaces throughout the city centre.
Even so it can be difficult to find a space.

Cycle Parking Standards

New developments in Cambridge must adhere to the Cycle Parking Standards for the area:

Photographs of cycle parking

Our Photomap facility has many photographs of cycle parking.

Advice against theft

Our Keeping your bicycle safe leaflet has some tips.

Other guidance and links

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Cycle Parking Subgroup The Campaign also has a Cycle Parking Subgroup, working to get cycle parking in the Cambridge area improved.
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Cycle parking