Study Tour to Holland: 13th-15th May 2008 – please sign up now!

This article was published in 2008, in Newsletter 77.

Our study trip to Assen will explore all aspects of that city’s cycling culture, including the move away from hybrid paths (above) to high-quality segregated ‘bicycle roads’.
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Back in 2006 we organised a Study Tour to the Netherlands. This year we are organising another, thanks to David. This time we have a fixed base in Assen.

David Hembrow’s article outlines the amazing conditions for cycling over there.

We have no specific distance to cover each day so we will be able to spend more time simply watching. We’ll see the rush hour, children on the school run, new developments, old housing estates and the city centre. We’ll see recreational areas, forest, canals, the railway station and travel a short distance out of the city to see countryside paths. David knows this area and can lead participants directly to places of interest.

The tour will take place over three days midweek from the 13th to the 15th of May 2008.

The cost of the tour is €400 (approx: £300) per participant to include four nights in bed and breakfast accommodation.

We are particularly keen that councillors and officers should come with us, to inspire them as to what could be done in Cambridge, particularly given the potential for £50m of new money as a result of the congestion charge proposals.

For more information about the 2008 Study Tour see the website or contact us via any of our usual contact details.

Bookings can be made directly via the link on the website.

We really hope you can come!

Martin Lucas-Smith