Co-ordinator’s comment

This article was published in 2008, in Newsletter 77.

Cycling 2020 and the national conference in May

Welcome to our regular readers, as well as those getting copies at the national CCN conference that the Campaign has organised this year.

Our Cycling 2020 vision calls for improved design for cycling infrastructure including continental-standard best-practice designs like this crossing in Assen in the Netherlands.
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May sees the launch of our Cycling 2020 vision document. All members will be posted a copy as soon as it comes off the press at the end of April. This has been a huge task, and it is great to see such a fantastic result.

We hope it will inspire decision-makers and indeed our members about what needs to be done for cycling in and around Cambridge, at this time of tremendous change with the transport and housing agendas in major focus.

Read more about Cycling 2020 later in this Newsletter.

New settlements starting to go through the planning system

The last few months have seen the first of a swathe of new developments start to go through the planning system.

Plans for Northstowe have now been drawn up, and we will report on the details as soon as we have them. The Trumpington Meadows proposal, which we sadly failed to find time to scrutinise in full detail, has been approved. Most recently, the Bell School application has been submitted, and we have lodged a formal and detailed Letter of Objection. .

Our New Developments paper, outlined last month, sets out in detail how we think cycling should be catered for in practice. Together with Cycling 2020 – which offers a broader view of cycling in Cambridge – we want to make clear to developers what we expect to see if the Campaign is to avoid objecting. Indeed, we would like to be in the position of actively approving the details of what is proposed (though obviously we have no view on the principle of housing development, which is beyond the scope of the Campaign). .

We have renewed our call for a consultant that the Campaign can contract to help pull out the relevant points in these vast planning applications, so that the Committee and Subgroups can formulate suitable responses. If you know anyone who works in the environmental consulting field, please do get in touch. See the full article in this Newsletter for more on this.

A formal status for the Campaign?

We are now looking more heavily into charitable and/or company status for the Campaign, following the kind offer of money for a Campaign employee as mentioned at the AGM in November 2007. Clearly, though, this would be a big step that would not go ahead without significant consultation with members. If you have expert knowledge in these areas, we would be extremely grateful to hear from you.

Martin Lucas-Smith, Co-ordinator