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This article was published in 2008, in Newsletter 76.

Riverside Bridge lifted into place

The new Riverside bridge will be the first new river crossing in Cambridge for almost 40 years.
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After much uncertainty due to the weather, the span of the new Riverside Bridge was finally lifted into place on 5th December 2007, with a few hundred people watching with interest.

The bridge is funded by central government’s Growth Area Fund and by developers working in the area. When it is completed, this will be the first new river crossing in Cambridge since the Elizabeth Way Bridge was opened in 1971. It will span the River Cam from Chesterton across to Riverside, providing a much-needed cycling and walking link between the Chesterton and Abbey areas.

A video of the lifting of the bridge, and a number of photos, are available on our website.

Councillors are also shortly due to decide whether to make the closure point in the area permanent. In our view there is not space to reopen it to general traffic, and it would be a terrible shame for the first new river crossing in almost 40 years, with a wonderful new, high-profile bridge, to be spoilt by motorists using the area as a cut-through.

The bridge is on schedule to open this spring.

Obstruction removals: before and after

Pram arms at end of Argyle Street Pram arms removed

An ongoing programme of removal of bollards and other obstructions remains underway. We last wrote about this in Newsletter 69.

The obstruction removal programme is very welcome and, contrary to the fears expressed by some local Councillors, the world has not fallen in. Cyclists and pedestrians find several routes improved.

Most of us can probably outline a list of niggles that we encounter on our everyday journeys to work or the shops. One of mine has been the irritating pram arms that were at the end of Argyle Street. Thankfully these have now been removed.

If your journey as a cyclist or walker has been improved by the removal of obstructions, or there are remaining bollards which you think could be safely removed, please contact Clare Rankin at the City Council ( or 01223 457108) and let us know too.

Thank you

Thanks are due to Clare Rankin, David Bradford and others at the City Council, for pressing ahead with this much-needed programme of removal of antiquated highway artefacts.