Access Improvements

This article was published in 2006, in Newsletter 69.

The City Council are to be congratulated for their initiative to clear away many of the outdated obstructions littering our streets.

In order to comply with the Disability Discrimination Act, Cambridge City Council has started a programme of removing chicanes and ‘Pram Arms’. This will have significant benefits for cyclists, especially those with ‘tag-alongs’ or other trailers. We thank the council for these works, but remind cyclists not to use inappropriate speed at such locations and be considerate to pedestrians, as some were originally installed as a deterrent to speedy cycling.

Here is a list of the locations that are to be treated.

East area

  • Derby Rd to Flamsteed Rd, Bancroft Close and Sterne Close
  • Lichfield Rd to Perne Rd
  • Gisbourne Rd to Radegund Rd
  • Marmora Rd to Coleridge Rd
  • Seymour St to Wycliffe Rd
  • Wycliffe Rd to Coldham’s Green
  • Argyle St to Charles St

South area

  • Orchard Estate
  • Rotherwick Way to Field Way

West area

  • Hoadley Rd to Windsor Rd
  • Windsor Rd to Warwick Rd and Oxford Rd
  • Jesus Green bollard

North area

  • Ramsden Sq to Atkins Close
  • Harris Rd to Ferrars Way
  • Franks Lane to Fallowfields
  • Northfield Ave underpass
This fiendish barrier in Cherry Hinton at Orchard Estate is one of many to be removed
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If you know of other locations within the city boundary that need similar treatment but are not on this list, please let the Campaign know, and we’ll pass the information on.

Jim Chisholm

The very first day the South East Cambridge route was opened many years ago, one of our committee members tore his trouser pocket on one of these ‘pram arms’ between Coleridge Road and Marmora Road. Good riddance to them. Trailers and large baskets should now make it through as well as wheelchairs.
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